datsun 240z racing

datsun 240z turbo racing slalam at saratoga speedway lower front view. video 2.

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Datsun 240z Sebring SCCA SARRC 2-21-2010 Race 2 (part 1)

Matt Isbell's Ultimate 240Z
Years ago Matt told me how he planned to convert his Datsun 240 Z to a V8 powered road racer. He did and here its is. At times it seemed like it would never get done as some suppliers and builders failed to deliver, In the end he hooked up with MTI and the project got done. To put into perspective just how fast and talented Matt and his car are It would take an ALMS, Porsche, Corvette or BMW to lap Road Atlanta faster than Matt does.

Targa Wrest Point 2013: Datsun 240z Pure Sound
Follow the Team Legacy Assist team of Matthew Cardinaels and Jason Page as they head to victory in the Classic competition at Targa Wrest Point 2013.

Datsun 240z vs Nissan GTR
This is a homebuilt twin turbo " blow through " system on a 409 cubic inch Chevy small block engine in a 72 Datsun 240 z. The car is Street Legal due to emission excemptions and is used for cruising, car shows, and drag racing. It is a Sleeper since it uses a full Exhaust system and mufflers.