Off-road superexpress New SUBARU FORESTER #lovecars #videotopics

X-MODE解説 新井敏彦選手(ラリー世界チャンピオン)ドライブする280馬力直噴ターボを搭載のスバル新型フォレスターに同乗走行、ここまでよい走りをするとは思わなかった! New SUBARU FORESTERは「全方位SUV」の名に恥じないSUVオフロード超特急だった! 新世代ボクサーエンジン,280馬力,直噴ターボ,DIT, subaru,rally,new,forester,スバル,新型,フォレスター,Xモード,X-MODE,最速,試乗,本格派,フォレスターライブ,foresterlive,全方位SUV,SUV,実証実験,4代目 On-road is also superexpress New SUBARU FORESTER

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It evolved into real SUV New SUBARU FORESTER #lovecars #videotopics sub4sub
X-MODE解説 280馬力直噴ターボの新型スバルフォレスターは最新技術 のXモードを搭載し、悪路走行もこなす本格派SUVの進化 た!新井敏彦選手(ラリー世界チャンピオン)ドライ するスバル新型フォレスターに同乗。New SUBARU FORESTERは「全方位SUV」の名に恥じない本格派SUVだった! 新世代ボクサーエンジン,280馬力,直噴ターボ,DIT sub4sub subaru,rally,new,forester,スバル,新型,フォレスター,Xモード,X- MODE,最速,試乗,本格派,フォレスターライブ,foresterlive,全 位SUV,SUV,実証実験,4代目,ヒルディセントコントロール

On-road is also superexpress New SUBARU FORESTER #lovecars #videotopics
X-MODE解説 レーシングドライバー松田晃司選手がドライブする280馬 力直噴ターボを搭載のスバル新型フォレスターに同乗、 オンロードでここまでよい走りをするとは思わなかった ! New SUBARU FORESTERは「全方位SUV」の名に恥じないどころか それ以上に刺激的なクルマだった! 新世代ボクサーエンジン,280馬力,直噴ターボ,DIT, subaru,rally,new,forester,スバル,新型,フォレスター,Xモード,X- MODE,最速,試乗,本格派,フォレスターライブ,foresterlive,全 位SUV,SUV,実証実験,4代目

Why Buy? | 2017 Subaru Forester Review
Senior Editor Jake Holmes finds out if Subaru's Forester has managed to retain it's charm while adapting to the needs and expectations of the American midsize crossover buyer. For more Subaru Forester News and Reviews: As-tested price: $36,765 How does it look? 00:40 How's the storage? 01:28 Is it roomy? 02:28 How does the interior feel? 03:03 Is it well equipped? 03:34 How's the infotainment system? 03:53 Is it a good daily driver? 04:20 Is it fun to drive? 05:09 How's the fuel economy? 06:11 How much is it? 06:38 What are the negatives? 06:58 Who should buy it? 07:14 The Subaru Forester has evolved over the past 19 years from a quirky-but-practical boxy station wagon to a more mainstream rounded-off crossover. It continues to prize spaciousness, safety, and practicality, all important factors for compact-crossover buyers. The 2017 Subaru Forester received a mild visual face-lift as well as more equipment. It’s still a very sensible, practical choice for anyone who needs all-wheel-drive mobility in an everyday crossover. But is that enough for the Subaru to climb its way up the ranks of the ultra-competitive crossover class? Find out as we put Subaru’s best-selling model to the test in our latest Why Buy? video. SPECIFICATIONS: Engine: 2.0L turbocharged Flat-4 Output: 250 horsepower / 258 Pound-Feet Transmission: CVT EPA Fuel Economy: 23 City / 27 Highway / 25 Combined Subscribe to our channel to see weekly Why Buy? videos, and lots more new car review content. Why Buy? playlist: Facebook: Twitter: Buy a cool shirt like Jake! CREDITS Host: Jake Holmes DP: James Bradbury Editor: James Bradbury

Off-road Subaru Forester 4wding Stockton Beach - Subaru & Maxtrax promo
Taking the 2011 Subaru Forester XT onto the beach for the first time, with a set of Maxtrax as the self recovery device. PSI at 21 on stock rims Filmed with: Go Pro - Hero HD (1) Panasonic GH2 - driftwood hack I'm running a 23mm RSB which doesn't help with articulation as you can see in the pics at the top of the dune. All in all the Forester loves the sand :)