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Shawn Geers VW Drag Racing Video- Der Renn Kafer Cup Debut.wmv
Shawn Geers is the shit..your my hero! His 1963 Vw bug all motor running 10s. Also have seen the other bug in a Hot Vws mag.. there both quick cars!

Sacramento Bugorama

My Last pass in The Inspector I
Burnout was great, car launched to the left a little but I was able to pull it back, at the top The car got out of the groove a little, probably ran into some dirt on that side took a left on me , started to come back right and started tumbling. All I could do was SIT there and wait for it to stop. The wife is behind the camera as always did not hang out to get the entire roll. I think it tumbled three times because my crotch-strap YANKED on me three times

Kris Lauffer Bugorama 66" 8.0 sec.