Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo vs Street Bike

Facebook: Twitter: (MORE...) An Underground Racing TT Lamborghini Gallardo vs a street bike.

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850WHP Toyota Supra vs Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Rizla Edition
Toyota Supra with massive power pulls against a big bike. was filmed @ 1/4 mile event in Germany. The Supra managed times in the 11´s @ this event. The GSXR managed times under 10sec! So there is no need to say the biker could´nt drive the bike right!!! Actually the Supra runs 10´s on 1/4 mile. Seriously we will try to arrange a rematch for the bike...So suscribe and see what happend next...

ANGRY Police Officer TASER Biker Running From Cops VS Bikers Cop ARREST Rider Motorcycle Chase 2017
ANGRY Police Officer Taser Biker Running From The Cops VS Bikers Cop Arrest Motorcyclist After Motorcycle Rider Crashes & Then Tries To Get Away From Police Chase 2017 Caught On Tape! Watch as police chase motorcycle stunt riders during huge street ride in Florida. You'll see street bike crash during police pursuit while running from cops moments later police officer gets out of cop car & tackles motorcyclist off motorbike while the biker is trying to restart his motorcycle then cop gets out taser an then tasers motorcyclist then police arrest the biker. This video clip was caught on camera from motorcycle riders GoPro Hero 5 helmet cam or dash cam action sports camera. Please enjoy this video of motorcycles getting chased by cops an biker getting tasered and arrested by angry police officer while trying to run from cops. Thank you for watching this video clip! Please SHARE, LIKE, & COMMENT Visit BLOX STARZ STORE Click Below Please SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Click Link Below Watch MORE TOP 10 Compilation Videos Playlist Linked Below Watch MORE Cops VS Bike POLICE CHASES Playlist Linked Below Please FOLLOW US INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: TWITTER: GOOGLE+: TUMBLR: VINE:

0-100-0mph Suzuki GSX-R1000 vs Lamborghini Gallardo |
Lambo versus GSXR. See the story behind it at: Visordown is the only place to get all the latest motorcycling news as it happens. Join our growing online community by posting your photos and letting us know what got you into biking.

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