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Airing up the Tahoe - Ridetech Shockwave Titanium and E3 Ride Height Control - Video 1

i finally decided that i was ready to air up the Tahoe. About 2/3rds of the parts are here, i get the rest monday. I will make a video playlist of the entire install!


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Airing up the Tahoe 2 - Ridetech Shockwave Titanium - Tank and Valves installed
today after work i got the tank and valves installed. I still have tons of work to do but i am doing what i can until the rest of my parts get here. Thanks to my boy Jeff for the help!

Airing up the Tahoe 3 - Ridetech Shockwave Titanium - Compressor, Electrical, Fittings, PROGRESS!
video 3 of the series i am uploading showing how to install a Ridetech Shockwave Titanium AirRide system. The past few nights i got the compressor mounted, wiring cut to fit and re-soldered, brain, plumbing, fittings and basicly just making progress. I am trying to stay busy till the rest of the products get here. Bags are next! Subscribe to see how it comes out! FYI - the compressor mount had to be made due to the footprint of it being bigger then the frame rail. Since it was basicly hanging over the edge i had to repeat what i did with the air tank and fabricate some aluminum brackets. It turned out solid!

POST Accident UPDATE: Tahoe Getting Painted! + Body Shop Window Flex 4 18's 30,000 watts
ever since i got rear-ended the other day and the back of my Tahoe crunched up, i have been laying low, waiting for monday to get here (tomorrow march 1st 2010) and i drop it off at my new favorite body shop! Watch and see the job my friend Roy Devore from WAY back does to my ride! So far i really like the photoshopped version of the red! I think i am going to do it! No: i am NOT doing black, white, or nipple pink. I am not doing your favorite color. I am doing what i want to do - so if you dont like it, then dont paint YOUR car that color :) Just playin but you understand....

Doubling the power - Honda Civic 20,000 watts (2) RE MT 18" Woofers - Rockford Amps
me and my son antheny are getting started on the civic. I figured we would double the power and he agreed with me. This will be his project but i will help him with the big stuff of course!

Midmounted Mazda Minitruck - Update 30
video build thread. first air up of the custom chassis and testing the quad cantilever airbag suspension setup...

Toyota Tundra Laying body on 24"s
GrinderTV Presents Joel's Toyota Tundra bagged and bodied on 24"s from Xtreme Lowz Riverside, California Please subscribe and rate video to show your support! Thanks! Song is "Anno Domini Beats - Lost (Feat. Hard Target & Lisa Gallo)"

Airing up the Tahoe 4 - REAR BAGS, Ridetech Titanium Shocks, Ground Level Sensors
Finally i got started on my air ride setup! It is a setup from Ridetech (www.ridetech.com). I am installing the Titanium series Shockwave setup with infrared ground height sensors up front and standard ground height sensors in the rear. This setup is not for hopping and laying frame. It is just a badass, quality riding, self adjusting (and user preset) air ride system. Please see the previous 3 video's to understand exactly what is going in this ride! Stay tuned for the next updates! I was missing some key parts and that rally hampered my install.......now Easter is here and i will miss another day before i can get to the store to find some parts. Please visit my websites and dont forget to subscribe!

Tahoe on Air - Ridetech E3 Self Leveling Shockwave Titanium Air Suspension System
had a lot of requests to see the air suspension in action. Well its not very fast, it isnt meant to be, but it does work great! The object of this was NOT to hit switches, even though i can......its primarily a high tech suspension system more then anything else. It has Front Back Side to Side but i will mostly use it for comfort and adjustability. It rides VERY nice! Check out www.Ridetech.com to see the products i used (Titanium Series). Also, notice the new paint.....if you dont know, its by my friend Roy at AutoBody Workshop in Sacramento......they just painted it a few weeks ago. It is BLACK with red pearl and some other stuff mixed in. BTW: Song by Brotha LynchHung off the new Dinner and a Movie Album. Brotha Lynch is a Sacramento LEGEND and he has personally said i can use his shit on my system for youtube. Do me and mostly him a favor and buy a copy! Send in a video response of you slapping your system to one of his new tracks!

air ride 126p first test:)
Pierwsze testy nowego zawieszenia... i pierwszy air puszczający bąki:P https://www.facebook.com/BaggedFiat126p?ref=hl

Jimenez Bros Customs / How to installl 2 link / suspension PART 2
This is our 2 link kit we make for 1947-59 Chevy trucks.. we also carry Ford and Merc kits . For more info call 951 781 1268 .WWW.JIMENEZBROSCUSTOMS.COM Selling , Classic Performance Products, ACCUAIR, Fat Man Fabrications, And many more.

WICKED DRIPPING WET PAINT JOB - 2001 Chevy Tahoe is DONE! "Meadecherry" by Roy Devore
just got my Tahoe back after a few weeks of down time after a rear end car accident. While it was in the body shop being repaired i struck a deal with them to paint the entire thing. I REALLY picked a great body shop! If your local and even if your not, Transport YOUR ride to AutoBody Workshop in Sacramento, CA - Tell Bryan or Roy what you want and they will take care of you! Obviously they have a paintbooth big enough for a full size RV so bring that too! Door panels are also finally installed and the music is playing again!

On Oil - 4 18's NEW RF Amps/Mids/Highs Clean at 100ft Chevy Tahoe System Rebuild Update
i added the grills to the door panels and cleaned up the Tahoe today and figured i decided to make a video showing how this thing looks and sounds. So far i am extremely happy with the outcome. If you saw the rebuild video's i have put up you know how much work i put into this!

White Girl - Gettin LOW -SMD Caddy 8 18" Fi BTL Subwoofers / 2 Rockford Fosgate T15k amps
check out EVERY build pic here http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/10216-2002-caddy-8-fi-btl-18s- 2-rockford-t15k-candy-paint-page-15/ went up to chickens house today and did a few demo's - white girl was on the menu. If you dont know what is in this ride, look at some of my other video's - 8 18" Fi BTL woofers, 2 RF T15k amps, 2002 SMD Caddy. Check out the entire build on my website! One of the craziest ones you will see.

My Tahoe Got Rear Ended - 4 Car Accident - Airride project on temporary hold.
today i was sitting at a stoplight and i heard a few booms behind me and before i could look back to see what happened, i also got hit. I was right in the middle of a series of videos installing my new air ride suspension from ride tech. On my way home to get started because the rest of the parts showed up today. Anyway stay tuned, i will get it fixed and resume the install soon! Subscribe for updates to see what happens!

Tinting the Windshield - 2001 Tahoe 30% Front 5 % Rears
Check out the latest thing i had done to the Tahoe. I called up Mike from Tint 2k and he came by to handle my rear glass, since it was never fixed after the accident a few months back (see video), i figured it was about time i got it done. While he was here i had him do the windshield, which led to a tint strip and now its all hooked up proper! He did such a great job i had him do the Lexus on the spot. That video is next! If your in sacramento or Nor-Cal (and slightly beyond) call Mike at Tint 2k.........916-501-2076 - oh and watch how he pimps my new lexus out in the next video!!

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