Collective Racing's 90 Accord with K24 swap

This car belongs to Scott Byars (2point9) of Collective Racing. ONnce powered by a bored and stroked H22 it is now powered by a K24A1

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500hp CB7 Hush Performance Presents Collective Racings K24 CB7!/pages/Hush-Performance/165426303519 234

k24 accord yosolo tune
97 honda accord getting tuned by yosolo

Chase Bays Engine Harness for Honda K Series Install Guide Chase Bays Engine Harness for K Series Install Guide This engine harness fits: K20A K20A2 K20A3 K20Z1 (with 02-04 K20 ECU) K20Z3 (with 02-04 K20 ECU) K24A2 (with 02-04 K20 ECU) K24A4 (with 02-04 K20 ECU) Any above K20 cylinder heads with the above K24 engine blocks. (with 02-04 K20 ECU)

The Ultimate Sleeper - 94 Honda Accord, Turbo?!? e85
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