Acura CL Racing A Ram Diesel...

Heather is driving...Dude was flexing for like 3 miles...Really short race, had to make a right...It merges from two to one lane where the right turn is, it makes a perfect eigth mile race from a stoplight lol....

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Acura CL type s 6M/T vs 06 Maxima RACE 2
From a roll , still vtec never fails lol

Nissan 350Z vs Acura Cl Type-S. Dig race
2004 Nissan 350Z vs 2001 Acura Cl Type-S. Nissan: 3.5L, K&N intake. Acura: 3.2L, Comptech headers, Comptech Exhaust.

03 acura cl vs mustang gt 4.6
03 acura cl type s 6 speed minor upgrades cai Exhaust piping headers. Mustang minor upgrades as well cia Exhaust piping and more. Did a 2nd race and CL took the second.

my n/a sohc 1.7L 2001 stock honda civic vs gabes 3.0 v6 acura cl.. a race we have long been awaiting........all video was taken in mexico