Acura CL Racing A Ram Diesel...

Heather is driving...Dude was flexing for like 3 miles...Really short race, had to make a right...It merges from two to one lane where the right turn is, it makes a perfect eigth mile race from a stoplight lol....

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Acura MDX Тест-драйв.Anton Avtoman.
Почта Добавляйтесь в друзья!) Ещё полноразмерные кроссоверы

Ninja 300 vs F-350 Turbo Diesel
Brief street race from a stoplight up to the speed limit and let off. Small bonus at the end

98 Honda Prelude vs 01 Acura CL
This is a race between a modified 98 5 speed honda prelude and a 01 Acura CL. The 01 CL has 225 hp and 217 trq. The prelude is unknown till the 3rd of August. Towards the end of the race, the prelude started to pull on the CL but the CL driver decided to quit since he was getting close to 100 when the prelude broke 100. All in all, prelude would have won if the driver would have kept going instead of breaking and bailing out. Camera issue was that it tried to focus wrong and finally got the focus right towards the end of the race. Prelude has modifications done CL has intake modifications done Website:

Nissan 350Z vs Acura Cl Type-S. Dig race
2004 Nissan 350Z vs 2001 Acura Cl Type-S. Nissan: 3.5L, K&N intake. Acura: 3.2L, Comptech headers, Comptech Exhaust.