Acura CL Racing A Ram Diesel...

Heather is driving...Dude was flexing for like 3 miles...Really short race, had to make a right...It merges from two to one lane where the right turn is, it makes a perfect eigth mile race from a stoplight lol....

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Grip-Set | One of a Kind | Slammed Acura Cl
watch in 1080p. Shot and Edited by John You. Visit and follow them on instragram. @grip-set @livinlow_johnyou.

2004 Acura TL 6-speed Drag Racing.
2004 TL only mod is a CAI.

my n/a sohc 1.7L 2001 stock honda civic vs gabes 3.0 v6 acura cl.. a race we have long been awaiting........all video was taken in mexico

Ninja 300 vs F-350 Turbo Diesel
Brief street race from a stoplight up to the speed limit and let off. Small bonus at the end