Crown Vic VS. Mustang GT Exhaust

First car in the battle is a Mustang GT with an off-road x-pipe and welded in flowmasters. Second car is my 03' Crown Vic with Stainless works headers, mac prochamber, mac flowpaths and turndowns before the axle.

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2014 Mustang GT 5.0l Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback drive away
No mods to car other than the axleback.

03 Crown Vic full exhaust w/ Stainless Works longtubes
My 03' panther with stainless works longtube headers, and custom header back Exhaust with a Mac Prochamber and Mac Flowpath mufflers wth turndowns before the axle.

03 Crown VicStainless Works Headers 2
15 feet behind car. Stainless works longtube headers only done as far as performance mods go. Long tube headers to stock h-pipe and mufflers.

Stainless Works 03 Crown Vic custom header back exhaust
Mac Prochamber Mac Flowpath mufflers turndowns