AERO Turbine 70-75 MPH Crusing

2004 QC HEMI RAM Windows up

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Areo 5050xl muffler installed
400 hp cummings with a areo 5050 Xl muffler installed Great sound and you can feel the power

AERO Turbine 3030XL 2004 QC HEMI RAM Normal Driving
This is driving around neighborhood area, windows up on a cool sunny day around 35 degrees.

World's Smallest running v8 engine
Worlds smallest running v8 hand started small v8 engine.

Dodge RAM Hemi Aero Turbine 3030xl exhaust
Here is a video of my 07 RAM Hemi with an Aero Turbine 3030xl Exhaust, with no cat. Cruising between 30mph and 50mph. You can hear me crack the windows and then close them again.