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AERO Turbine 70-75 MPH Crusing

2004 QC HEMI RAM Windows up


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06 Ram 1500 HEMI with Aero Exhaust AT3030XL and stock resonater pass by.
Drive by with the Aero Exhaust AT3030XL and stock resonater. 2006 Ram 1500 HEMI

AERO TURBINE 3030XL Windows open
2004 QC HEMI RAM windows open in neighborhood

V star 1100 0-70 mph & test ride
Running 0-70mph & cruising countryside on a 2002 V Star 1100 Classic with Vance & Hines Classic II pipes. Watch for more bike tests on my YouTube channel. Don't forget to share & rate it if you like it

Chevy Clip.wmv
Hello This is for sale on eBay auctin id http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260518776421& ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT I had Bought this Chevy Blazer LT at a Police InPound Auction. Last Month and thought it might be a good SUV VIN IS 1GNDT13W6S2247360 but after a month of driving it the Gas is just to much for me because i live 20 Miles out in the country from town and it will cost me way to much to drive and being on Disibilty i just can't afford the insurance on both the 1999 Saturn and this SUV and since the Saturn gets 30-35 miles a gallon this one is Going.And i'd rather have a SUV with a 4 Cylinder engine thats 4WD not a 6 Cylinder What i have done with this is Had a 30 Day tag issued which has expired Changed the front breaks Cost $59 Bucks , Oil Cost $39 Bucks, Transmission Filter & Oil cost $82 bucks, The Interior is Gray leather and the drivers seat has rips the others are fine the carpet has stains.The radio CD player works great the heat works but the AC doesn't will probly needs to be recharged and i had tried the 4 whell drive and when the button is pushed a click hapens like engaging and i driven it I had tried both 4 hi & 4 Low. Also this had the engine heater option for colder areas just plug it in to regluar 110 house plug Also on the Youtube Video Clip the spikes on the RPM gage is from the cruise control being on and the road is a hilly road and the raise in RPM is from it going up hill.When driving on the freeway 70 MPH and in cruise control mode and in overdrive the RPM is around 1600-1700 The over drives works along with 1st & 2nd speeds and reverse. The Cruise controls works When i had bought this the milage was 171,660 and now it has 175,749 so i have driven this for 4,089 miles in the month i have had it. Also when i had bought it the tires still had the blue die on the white wall and the little rubber nipples on the tread. And also i beleive the last owner had replaced the water pump because their was a waterpump box in the back and it looks like it on the engine also. Also missing is the fan shroud their is half of it in the back but the other is missing and the air filter hose just doesn't look right Please see images and also i have a video of it running on YouTube the URL is below NOW THE NOT SO FINE PRINT This is SOLD AS IS AND WHERE IS i HAVE THE PAPERWORK FROM THE AUCTION I HAD PURCHESSED IT FROM AND I HAD A 30 DAY TAG FOR IT AND IT IS EXPIRED I HADN'T SENT OFF FOR THE TITLE BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO PAY THE 100 PLUSS DOLLARS TO REGISTER IT IF IT DOESN'T SELL I'LL GET A FARM TAG FOR IT OR WHAT EVER I NEED TO GET A TITLE FOR IT WITH OUT HAVING ANY PENTILIES OR SUCH IF YOUR INTRESTED IN BUYING THIS BLAZER IT IS RECOMENDED THAT YOU COME BY AND DRIVE IT CHECK IT OUT AND SUCH. THIS IS SOLD AS IS IT DRIVES AND RUNS JUST FINE I HAD DROVE THIS FOR CLOSE TO 5,000 MILES ALREADY I HAD ONLY CHANGED THE FLUIDS BECAUSE THATS WHAT I NORMLY DO WHEN I BUY A USED CAR SO I KNOW WHATS WHAT AND WHAT TO DO WHEN I NEED TO DO IT. THE BLAZER IS LOCATED AT ZIPCODE 67467 PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR QUESTION AND THE TIME YOU WOULD LIKE TO TEST DRIVE IT. ALSO THE MILAGE WILL BE DIFFREENT FROM ITS CURRENT MILAGE SINCE I'LL BE DRIVING IT MORE ON MY PROPERTY, THANKS PAYMENT WILL BE 30% BY PAYPAL WITH IN 24HR OF AUCTION CLOSE AND BALANCE IN CASH UPON PICKUP

AERO Turbine 3030XL 2004 QC HEMI RAM Normal Driving
This is driving around neighborhood area, windows up on a cool sunny day around 35 degrees.

09 Dodge Ram Aero Turbine Exhaust
09 ram 1500 hemi at 3030 out back

2002 FS-65 Take off from 0-70mph.
Taking off from a complete stop up to 70mph. It was taken on the New Jersey Garden State Parkway at mile marker 20.1. The speed limit is 65 so I didnt break any laws. :)

Genesis Coupe 2.0T Track mpg @ 70 MPH
2.0T Track w/ 6MT getting 31mpg+ @ 70mph using cruise control. Compare to 2.0T Premium with 5AT and less modifications in this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n5pqPoBrF0 The 5 speed automatic in the Genesis Coupe is a sub par transmission that has poor efficiency and too short of gearing to compensate for it's lack of efficiency. Hyundai needs to replace the A5SR1 with a new design.

dodge ram hemi 5.7 aero turbine 3030
i have 22 status its a 2006 and it sound low cuz of my camera

Durango Hemi with Aero Turbine 3030XL
2008 Dodge Durango Hemi with Aero Turbine 3030XL and stock resonator.

AERO TURBINE 3030XL- windows open around town
2004 QC HEMI RAM windows open slow driving around town.

2004 QC HEMI RAM Windows up- nothing crazy just getting on highway

Aero Turbine 3030XL Inside Windows Up
Check my other video for description

2008 Dodge Ram Hemi with Aero Turbine 3030XL Idle
Aero Turbine 3030XL. Magnaflow Y-Pipe. Stock Rear Resonator.

Startup- 2004 QC HEMI RAM AERO Turbine 3030XL
Aero Turbine 3030XL, Stock Cats, Stock Manifolds. From stock cats there are dual pipes to a magnaflow y pipe which is attached right to the 3030xl Then another magnaflow y pipe which is attached to the outlet of the 3030xl for duals out the back. 2.5 inch pipe from cats back excluding the AT3030XL and magnaflow y pipes which are 2.5 to 3 to match up with the muffler. Also the tips are magnaflow single wall SS 2.5- 3.5 tips.

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