Nasty NRE 572 Alien Intake Manifold BBC from Nelson Racing Engines. Tom nelson.

Awesome Power, Big Block Chevy Alien Billett Intake Manifold. More info at Unique Nelson design. See Dyno in action. Very big numbers. For marketing help go to

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Monster 2200 HP NRE TT 632(10.3 L) BBC. Nelson Racing Engines. Chevelle,Camaro, Corvette.
This engine is a beast! Tom was afraid to push it too hard. He did not want to break the Dyno. This engine really looks like jewelry(Per V8 TV). For you guys who love detailed looks at NRE's best engines, this is the video for you! Happy New Year everyone! We uploaded on Thursday instead of Friday, because of holiday. More info at and Also go to

1196 HP Miss Sonance Offshore 632 PSI Blown Big Block Chevy Dyno Pull - Tuned By Shane T
Scott Struthers' Precision Offshore Marine prepped 632 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy produces nearly 1200 HP on the Paul Pfaff Racing Engines DePac Systems Dynomometer using 91 Octane Pump Gasoline. The Engine which uses a PSI Supercharger to acheive 8 PSI of Boost pressure was built by Precision Offshore Marine in Huntington Beach, Ca and Tuned By Shane Tecklenburg (Tuned By Shane T) using a MoTeC M800 Engine Management System with Injector Dynamics' 1000 cc/min injectors.

Monster 2500 HP Alien TT 572 CI BBC from Nelson Racing Engines. 1970 Camaro, Chevelle, Impala
This is one mean engine. It made such a roar and earth rumbling growl that NRE employees were taking cover! Its really something to see and hear in person. Look at how fast the Dyno HP meter dial accelerates! What a pull ! NRE's Tom Nelson tells us about this powerfull engine and does multiple Dyno pulls. For more information go to and, as well as For Media Production go to For basic info about the NRE Dyno and what the numbers mean, view this You Tube video from NRE University:

Camaro 632 big block idle rmp set-up.
Setting the idle RPM on this Chevy Camaro RS 632ci Big Block. This was a test-run only. Action takes place in Siberia, Russia.