invisible rope tybee island near crash

Tyson almost gets hit by an expedition, dude tries to give him a hi-5 and Tyson flips him off!!

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college prank door joke
tied 2 doors together with rope. somehow came into some rope started tying a noose on one end for some reason then thought of tying some doors together and end up with this. worked out better than we expected....ends with them trying to cut their way out with a knife

invisible rope trick-- angry man with shovel!
invisible rope trick ANGRY MAN

How Police Stop Cars in Russia
Amazing how they did not even come with an idea to put speed limit sign.

Invisible Rope Trick Prank Caught by Police
My friend Nate and I were pulling the old invisible rope prank on cars. We received some very entertaining reactions. Unfortunately, the fuzz ultimately showed up and ended our fun. Anyway, we had a great time producing this two-month video project and stopped many cars. It was worth it. This video was made while we were 13 years old -- so yes, we're squeakers. Song Used: Clocks by Coldplay Filmed and edited on iPod touch 4th Gen -C