First time drag racing my 1975 Z1

Cedar valley street rods day at the drags 2010 was the first time I ran one of my motorcycles down a drag strip. Lots of un! Now putting a dragbike together to race in 2012.

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TX2K12 - Turbo Drag Bike Wreck!
TX2K12 DVD Released! Maybe a little too much Boost off the line on this drag by during the elimination rounds of TX2K12...

Getting the '73 Kawasaki Z1 900 Running
1973 Kawasaki Z1 900. This bike was the fastest street bike when it was made. It has a double overhead cam four cylinder engine with four carbs. Did a little driveway ridin after we got it runnin.

STREET Burnout Goes WRONG Fast!!!
Crazy burnout from the 'Small Town Weekend' Street Drags in El Reno Oklahoma. Luckily the crew guy went into Jackie Chan mode and peddled his way out before the gate closed on him.

Kz 900 Drag Bike Run's 9.0's(Part) 3