First time drag racing my 1975 Z1

Cedar valley street rods day at the drags 2010 was the first time I ran one of my motorcycles down a drag strip. Lots of un! Now putting a dragbike together to race in 2012.

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Getting the '73 Kawasaki Z1 900 Running
1973 Kawasaki Z1 900. This bike was the fastest street bike when it was made. It has a double overhead cam four cylinder engine with four carbs. Did a little driveway ridin after we got it runnin.

Travel back in time during the early years of drag racing broadcasts. This 1975 U.S. Nationals appeared as a part of ABC's Wide World of Sports. Much of the show is spent speaking of safety and technical aspects of championship drag racing. You'll see the legends such as Don "Big Daddy" Garlits, Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney, Raymond Beadle, Don Prudhomme, Don Carlton, Dale Armstrong, and Jeg Coughlin. There's also a cameo appearance by the Tijuana Taxi. Also featured is the horrendous Top Fuel crash of Dick LaHaie and a three-wheel Funny Car, not on purpose. Chris Economacki is your host.

Teen cries out during sentencing
Friday was a very dramatic day in court as a young man learned his fate. He beat his girlfriend's little boy to death because he wouldn't stop crying.

This is the complete 1973 Z1 900 Daytona records video.."SO FAR SO FAST." The Z1 shattered the 24 hour World Record with an average speed of 109.641mph plus 45 other speed records. The #2 bike used in this video is kept at KMC in Irvine California their Heritage Museum, and is in the same condition as it was in 1973. Several photos of it can be seen at this site. much more interesting information on the complete Z1 story. The riders were.. Bryon Farnsworth, Yvon DuHamel, Hurley Wilvert, Masahiro Wade, Cook Neilson (Cycle Magazine) , Gary Nixon, Art Baumann, John Weed (editor Motorcycle Weekly)