First start 2011 Bmw M3 e92

First start of my BMW M3 e92 this year(2011) after charging the battery. Can't wait to get out on the roads!

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BMW M3 Cold Start - First Start of 2011!
Happy New Year to everyone! This is my first video of 2011 and it's also the first time my M3 has started in 2011 as well. I haven't ran the M3 for several weeks due to snow and other winter weather conditions. As it is the car currently is uninsured because I am storing it for the winter anyway. I love the sound of the cold start on this car as it goes through the cat warm up cycle. BAD-ASS!

BMW M3 E92 0-282 kmh ACCELERATION KICKDOWN Autobahn Beschleunigung V8 Sound ONBOARD Vollgas Vmax
BMW M3 0-282 Km/h - Kickdown on HIGHWAY !!! BMW M5 E39 Onboard POV : Porsche 911 Onboard POV :

BMW M3 start up