First start 2011 Bmw M3 e92

First start of my BMW M3 e92 this year(2011) after charging the battery. Can't wait to get out on the roads!

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Leaving with a 2012 BMW M3
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BMW M3 Cold Start - First Start of 2011!
Happy New Year to everyone! This is my first video of 2011 and it's also the first time my M3 has started in 2011 as well. I haven't ran the M3 for several weeks due to snow and other winter weather conditions. As it is the car currently is uninsured because I am storing it for the winter anyway. I love the sound of the cold start on this car as it goes through the cat warm up cycle. BAD-ASS!

BMW M3 start up

Popping My M3's Redline Cherry (Rated R For Redline)
Just under a month ago I picked up my 2011 M3 on October 11, 2010. I took the M3 in for it's 1200 mile service on November 5, 2010 which means one thing and one thing only...taking the M3 all the way to it's redline and seeing what this car is truly capable of. Let me leave it at this: this car is an absolute animal and if my reactions don't tell you that part of the story. You really have to be in the car to believe how much power it really has.