60 chevy fontana

7.11 195.32 1st round aa/gas hrhs fontana

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Wicked 59 Chevy
Fred Kenedy's 409 powered '59 Chevy "mustard"

AA/Gas 55 T Bird crash Cecil Matthews California Hot Rod Reunion 2009
#1 Qualifier gets crossed up coming off the line at the CHRR 2009 Famosa/Bakersfield, CA. . Filmed by Frank Kunkel, I filmed the whole Event. fkunkel1@cogeco.ca

1960 Chevy wheelie wild launch drag racing WIR
1960 Chevy looks like it's going to flip at the launch, Wisconsin International Raceway Kaukauna. Notice sparks when the rear bumper hits the track.

March Meet 2009 AA/Gas Willys gets harry on Top End
33 Willys gets squirrelly but gets reeled in at March Meet 2009, Bakerfield, CA.