HD Twin Turbo 350Z vs Z28 Camaro on Nitrous

a fully built twin turbo 350z races a nitours ls1 Camaro,this is down at the jeresy shore,presneted by S.A.H. Videos

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1999 Camaro z28 vs Nitrous 350z
The biggest race of the YEEARRRR!!!!!!!

350z twin turbo vs mustang 5.0
350z win!

Camaro SS (750rwhp) VS Twin Turbo 350Z (637rwhp)
Camaro SS Procharged (At Mainline Dyno=670rwhp & At DynoJet=750rwhp) VS Twin turbo 350Z (At Mainline Dyno=569rwhp & DynoJet=637rwhp) More Info for TT 350Z Dyno Please Click:http://youtu.be/HE-_7hm3FSQ http://i48.tinypic.com/21neivl.jpg

stock camaro Z28 vs 350z
The Rematch