Caminhão a jato X Avião ( Jet truck Vs Plane) Caminhão X Avião

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Shockwave Jet Truck at Cayuga, Ontario.
Please don't steal and upload as your own. Google have the content and the channel removed within an hour of the stolen video being reported. I check every couple days for thefts. Neal Darnell and his truck Shockwave Jet Truck racing at Toronto Motorsports Park,Cayuga, Ontario, during the weekend of the Canadian Nitro Nationals. Powered by 3 Pratt and Whitney J34-48 jet engines. These jets are usually found in U.S. Navy's T2A Buckeye plane. Please check out my channel for a timelapse taken during Canadian Nitro Nationals. I endeavour to answer every comment, please no more about the ending. Many thanks to the first 2,000,000 viewers, currently the 5th most viewed Shockwave video on YouTube. Only 1.1 million behind 4th! Feel free to hit the 'like' button. If you want to follow me on YouTube, subscribe to my channel for my latest videos!

Eu com um fusquinha destes
Fusquinha ......... tenta achar uma vaga pois se trata de um carro grande!!!!!!!!! acaba achando uma vaga empurrando um kadet ou melhor amassando

Lots of videos about crashes, but not many about near collisions and incidents. Sometimes the potential for crashes is more harrowing than the event itself.

Tractor Pulling Putten 2011 Whispering Giant finale 4500kg modified Beach Pull
Whispering Giant in de finale van de 4,5t modified klasse.