Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Walkaround and Startup

The best sound ever

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Saleen S7 Twin Turbo (TT)
This Saleen S7 Twin turbo beast was at a local cruise night. I caught it on camera as it pulled in. One of my favorite cars. Music: King Fantastic - Why? Where? What? One of my favorite artists! Check them out

WILD Saleen S7 nearly damages a Murciélago! + Drift, Takeoff, Scraped Bumper and BMW M5 E60 Burnout!
PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! ALSO SHARE CAUSE IT HELPS! READ THE DESCRIPTION TOO! Story: He starts-up (Or start-up) the car and gives it a rev then he backs up the car nearly damaging the Murcielago behind him. Next he scrapes his bumper when he leaves and shows off a drift. When he comes around the corner, he does a fly-by. When the light turns green, he does a wheelspin or just a hard acceleration. The end viewers. Oh and I forgot... at the end, a Slammed BMW M5 E60 does a burnout or a wheelspin. But yeah thanks for watching!

The Crew: Online PvP Race - Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Performance Spec Gameplay [Speed DLC Pack]
The Saleen S7 Twin turbo is one of the 3 cars from the Speed DLC Pack for The Crew which is the 2nd DLC pack for the game. This video also showcase the new performance spec faction mission The Branchu Loop from the Speed Live Update. Watch using chrome is 1080p 60 FPS! Currently it's only available in performance spec and circuit spec. Like the Mercedes, the Saleen S7 Twin turbo is a very strong performance spec car under the right hands. The Crew PC full game online multiplayer PvP race South lobby, West Coast Lobby and a new faction mission The Branchu Loop from the Speed Live Update. The car level is 1265 and I'm using keyboard with manual transmission. The assists setting is hardcore. The tracks are in this video are: - Down The Drain (Collision off) - Nawlins Face-Off (Collision Off) - The Branchu Loop Faction Mission Car Performance Review: This car can take the full level 50 platinum upgrades. The Saleen S7 Twin turbo is a very strong Perf spec car which it's overall performance can compete with the mighty 4WD thanks to the combination of great traction and acceleration. The combination of engine and nos acceleration puts this car better than the RUF CTR-3 acceleration which can out accelerate 4WDs on the straights. Handling wise it will depend on your speed and throttle. If you let go the throttle while turning, the car turns better similar to the LaFerrari's handling characteristic. Except that the Saleen turns better with when using the throttle. So brake early, and let go the throttle before the turn. The downside of the Saleen is that the turn rate decreases very quickly the faster you go. It's a similar story to the circuit spec version as well. At high speeds let go throttle before turning to reduce it's high speed understeer. Upside is it's overall a much stable car at high speeds compared to Agera R and a much better highway car than the LaFerrari and with about the same acceleration!

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
A very rare Saleen S7 Twin turbo (one of 20 built) arriving at and leaving Cars & Coffee. Also caught on this video: Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series (March 12, 2011 / Irvine, CA)