Mitsubishi Lancer: RRM Header

Before and After video. RRM header, custom piping, and flowmaster 40 series muffler.

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Modified Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X // Panda Junction
➟ About the Video: A quick walk around and departure of Jason Smith's (@whiteninja9) Evo X at Panda Junction. ➫ Facebook Page: ➫ Follow on Instagram: Intro by vfxbro ⇝ Subscribe For More ⇜

09 2.4L Lancer with V2 RRM Intake, RRM Header, RRM Exhuast
09 2.4L lancer with the following installed: V2 RRM Intake, RRM Header, RRM Exhuast. Video doesn't do the sound of the exhuast justice. Exhuast has more bass then it sounds like in this vid, guess my camera blows. Also, the muffler has been adjusted so it no longer rattles up on the bumper. I rev the car around the 5500 to 6000 range both inside and outside the vehicle.

Turbo Lancer ES
Custom Built by me, Spent $2500 on my own custom kit turbo kit. I have all evo 8 stock parts, and custom built turbo manifold. I have a 2.5" straight pipe exhuast with a magna flow muffler welded on the end of it. I currently running 4-5 psi, with a stock evo 8 turbo. note- I couldnt rev it hardcore because im still in my tuning process with the car, its running rich plus its really hot right now "105 degrees"

RRM Turbo
RRM turbo installed and running on a 2008 Lancer GTS with manual transmission