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Vector W8 Twin Turbo - Jaguar XJ220 LM

Vector et Jaguar au Japon by fqogil (Vectorfrance)


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Vector AVTECH WX-3
Vector Aeromotive Group WX-3 My faforit car!!!

Vector W8, chassis PP-2 driving
VECTOR W8, pre production model #002 with the original red color. Today the car is painted blue.

Gerald Wiegert interview featuring the Vector W2
This is a piece about the famous Vector W2 Twin turbo. My friend Jurgen, of the "Vector Files" channel and media fame has provided me with an audio of an interview with Gerald wiegert and Breedlove (Pittsburgh, 1982) when talking about the then-new W2. Needless to say is that the video is not originally associated with the audio (my editing took care of that), & that please understand the somewhat low grade audio (& some times video)- the car, audio & most of the video parts are a bit old. Thanks for watching.

Jaguar XF - Большой тест-драйв (видеоверсия) / Big Test Drive - Ягуар
Подкаст «Большой тест-драйв» - https://itun.es/ru/UdTgS.c Сайт: http://btdrive.ru/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/bigtestdrive | G+: http://google.com/+stillavinpro | Instagram: http://instagram.com/bigtestdrive | Facebook: http://facebook.com/stillavinpro | Vkontakte: http://vk.com/stillavinpro | LJ: http://btdrive.lj.ru Позиционирование автомобиля на российском рынке - главный вопрос, который Сергей Стиллавин и Рустам Вахидов задали себе во время "Большого тест-драйва" машины Jaguar XF. Кто купит этот автомобиль за почти 3 миллиона рублей, учитывая неплохой экстрерьер, спорные моменты в интерьере и наличие достойных конкурентов в этом ценовом сегменте? Наша партнерская программа http://agg.quizgroup.com/join-now/

Vector W8: What Made it Such a Great Car?
CLICK to see pictures of these cars: http://razzi.me/albums/9965-vectors-i-ve-seen DtRockstar1 tells the story about what happened with Vector Aeromotive and their most famous creation, the Vector W8 Twin turbo. You'll hear about what happened with the company, as well as Megatech taking over and building the Vector M12. This video features a segment I call, "I've never heard of it, so it has to suck." Facebook - http://tinyurl.com/6385qw2 Blog - http://dtrockstar1.blogspot.co​m/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DtRockstar1 Razzi: http://razzi.me/DtRockstar1/photos

Vector Avtech WX-3 Coupe and WX-3R Roadster

The Sad Tale Of The Jaguar XJ220
A Minidoc of the Jaguar XJ220. Where the idea came from, what the car was originally going to be, the concept, the production version, everything you need to know about the XJ220. I had a cold when I recorded the audio, so I sound a bit nasal. **the term 'Minidoc' is the intellectual property of Robert Poole and subject to to all applicable laws**

Vector WX-8 VS Lamborghini Reventon Slide Show
This is not a race- just a comparison :they may be very different from looks & pedigree point of view,but then both are stealth-like, rare, crazy, insanely fast, & holding two of the most provocative names in the auto world...the Lambo-Vector saga from the 80's & 90's continues,but this time,it may be the last chapter of this saga. One thing for sure: Vector fans around the world still believe in Vector,& we wait in hope that the updated & final, production version of the WX-8 would see the light of day soon. Good luck to the people at Vector.Comments were disabled on April 9th,2008. (Check out the sequel, added October 6th, 2008).

Vector W8 Twin Turbo Tribute (Slide show)
The first- and only Vector to be put in production...evolved directly from the ill-fated W2...as a matter of fact, this body form with new design features like the hidden headlights & the lower & more aerodynamic wing was still called W2 before being put into production, after which it gained the name "W8"- this production run was under 20 units, including the prototypes...this car faced tough opposition in the power-hungry 90's from established cars like the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Diablo & the Viper to name just a few...and although some technical niggles marred the experience,the W8 proved to be a worthy contender, with shocking looks, 190MPH+ performance, & rarity...but the said technical problems & most of the Media contributed to the car not acheiving the targeted number of cars sold for the project to be profitable...& again, a very promising supercar was killed before having it's day in the lime light the way it deserved...& before the mid 90's, the W8 was no more in production...

Ferrari F40 vs Viper GTS vs Jaguar XJR-15 - 0-400m and 0-1000m drag race
All 3 cars stock, despite all those sponsour stickers. The F40 is fitted with the optional factory Tubi Style Exhaust and the Viper with the optional rear wing. Takuya Kurosawa drives the F40 and Akihito Nakaya drives the Viper GTS and the Jag. Both are Best Motoring host presenters and former Formula 3000 champions. Enjoy!

Jaguar XJ220 Official Promotional Video
http://www.timskipper.net - This was the official promotional video for Jaguar's XJ220 supercar, being driven around the Nurburgring with a cheesey musical backing. It was given to all owners with thier cars.

Chasing the Jaguar XJ220 Transit
We had just left the Goodwood Festival of Speed, when we were overtaken by the transit bodied Jaguar XJ220. It had been doing timed runs of the hill climb during the event and competed in the final 20 shootout on the sunday. We decided to chases it down and show the driver our appreciation of the vechicle

Jaguar Factory Tour - 1961
In 1961, a young man takes a tour of the Jaguar factory in Coventry. He sees how the cars are built and gets a ride in a brand new XK-E.

Vector W8 view in 720p for proper audio
1992 Vector W8 with 658 miles on it. This is the best example of a Vector on earth.

Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Dyno - 1042RWHP
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/RHPage Twitter: http://bit.ly/RHTweets (MORE...) PHOTOS OF THIS CAR: http://razzi.me/albums/141-sprite-s-twin-turbo-lamborghini-gallardo-superleggera A twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera on Dyno at Heffner Performance. TT SL. This is not an Underground Racing car. Temperature = 105* Humidity = 20%

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