Pontiac GTO 1965

Pontiac GTO 1965 - Marke: Pontiac - Model: Gto, Tempest LeMans - Bauart: Hardtop Coupe - Baujahr: 1965 - Motor: V8 - 6,6 L - Schaltung: 4-Gang Manuell - Aussenfarbe: Dunkelblau (Nightwatch blue) - Interieur: Schwarz, Leder www.oldtimervermietung.cc

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My Buddy Bill's 1965 GTO
8/24/09 Bill playing around doing some burnouts with his GTO.

Pontiac GTO sound + acceleration (HD)
(WATCH IN HD) I spotted this Pontiac GTO at the lights. The car sounded to good not to be filmed. I'm guessing this car is from the 60's, but please tell me from wich year. The purple paint job was not really to my taste on such a classic car like this. Hope you enjoy the video please like the video and my facebook channel http://www.facebook.com/#!/Carloverseurope and subscribe to Carloverseurope.

Look my video is a very good video for amators of muscle cars at the end you will look the name of the song in my video GOOD WATCHING!!:):):D:D

Super Tight Custom 1965 Pontiac GTO | KINDIG CUSTOMS
At Kindig Design they build all sorts of styles of cars in different eras. This muscle car is Dave Kindig's favourite. Show: KINDIG CUSTOMS Season: 1 Episode: 2 Telecast date/time: MOTOR MANIA | STARTS 19 MAY | THU 9PM | 8PM BKK/JKT/MNL Discover more at http://www.discoverychannelasia.com/shows/motor-mania/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DiscoverySEAsia Twitter: https://twitter.com/discoveryseasia