Pontiac GTO 1965

Pontiac GTO 1965 - Marke: Pontiac - Model: Gto, Tempest LeMans - Bauart: Hardtop Coupe - Baujahr: 1965 - Motor: V8 - 6,6 L - Schaltung: 4-Gang Manuell - Aussenfarbe: Dunkelblau (Nightwatch blue) - Interieur: Schwarz, Leder www.oldtimervermietung.cc

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My Buddy Bill's 1965 GTO
8/24/09 Bill playing around doing some burnouts with his GTO.

Look my video is a very good video for amators of muscle cars at the end you will look the name of the song in my video GOOD WATCHING!!:):):D:D

[New 2017] The Pontiac GTO Judge Price, Release date, and Review New
[New 2017] The Pontiac GTO Judge Price, Release date, and Review New ; As one of the most well-known muscular cars, the lineup of Pontiac GTO is always really interesting to talk about. That is why, when the news about the release of 2017 Pontiac GTO which is going to be done soon enough has spread, the excitement attacks the people all of a sudden. This car surely has great reputation and history. It was introduced in 1964 which means that this car really has a lot of things to say when it really is launched to the market soon enough because there should be a lot of improvements done here and there. 2017 Pontiac GTO redesign Improvements of the Design Judging from the design of the car, you need to know that it has split grille that definitely looks so awesome! This kind of grille is combined with fantastic hood which has been redesigned compared to the previous version. HID head lights are also improved to give better look. Of course, if something done to the headlights, the taillights should follow as well. You will also find a new set of awesome Exhaust system. And the car’s base rim size is determined at 20 inch which is valued as the right size to stabilize the car. *releasedcar [New 2017] The Pontiac GTO Judge Price, Release date, and Review New

134730 / 1965 Pontiac GTO
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/l3qejd2 The product of a clean restoration and professional customization, this award-winning drop-top is one of the finest Pontiac muscle cars we've ever featured. With its correct drivetrain, all-original sheetmetal and desirable Nightwatch on Blue color combination, it's the perfect car for anyone who cruises fast, wide and loud. And if you're searching for an impressive classic that'll roll straight out of the showroom and right onto the red carpet, it's the opportunity of a lifetime! While this Poncho's classic good looks originated in the mind of engineer John Z. DeLorean, it was the well-known professionals at Wooding's Auto Body that worked double time to ensure those looks present better than ever before. With a solid body present and accounted for, the car was meticulously straightened to better-than-new condition. When that highly detailed metalwork transitioned from the garage bay to the paint booth, modernist panels stretched a spectacular coat of Nightwatch Blue under glossy clear and subtle pinstripes. Once that finishing work was vivid, dry and shiny, a first class profile was fitted with a power cloth top. And today, this sinister tin indian is a first class trophy winner that proves things of quality have no fear of time. Raise this Pontiac's long steel hood and the first thing you'll notice is a killer Tri-Power 389 which sports a correct trio of Rochester carburetors, a web of stainless fuel lines and three chrome air cleaners. Less obvious, of course, is the stalwart engine's correct 9778789 casting number, March (C ) 31st (31), 1965 (5) casting date and 389/4-speed-exclusive "WT" build stamp. Dubbed 'Pontiac's Trophy 389' because of its domination in motorsports, this bright orange mill is one of the first production engines to feature purpose-built performance hardware. Its triad of Rochester carburetors feeds a high output intake that's bolted between hydraulic lifters, hardened valve seats and crinkle-finish rocker covers. Fires are lit by a traditional, points-style distributor, which jolts spark through loomed 8MM Mallory Pro Wires. Cooling is provided by a big Harrison radiator, which sends water around a correct fan via corrugated chrome hoses. And Exhaust is funneled through a nice pair of long-tube headers. That stout 389 sends power to a correct Muncie 4-speed, which hangs a familiar 3851325 casting number in front of a Muncie (P) assembled on August (08) 3rd (03), 1964 build stamp. That proven gearbox grinds power to a stalwart GM 10-bolt, which spins a posi-trac differential around gravel-busting 3.55 gears. At the sides of that rock-solid drivetrain, a professionally restored suspension features beefy sway bars, aftermarket lowering springs, factory power steering and The Right Stuff power disc brakes. And at the corners of that suspension, a quartet of 18-inch Coys wheels spins 235/40 Nitto NT555 Extreme ZR redlines in front of 255/45 Nitto NT555 Extreme ZR redlines. Open the car's freshly finished doors and you'll find a striking Blue interior that was installed by King's Auto Upholstery of Roanoke, Virginia. Front and center, firm leather seats trace bright red trim with pleated covers and a prominent Pontiac emblem. The 389's vitals are displayed by a reconditioned gauge cluster, which seats round-faced dials behind familiar engine-turned trim and a modern Alpine CD player. At the floor, like-new carpet anchors a chrome Hurst shifter inside a custom console and thick, color-keyed floor mats. And in front of the driver, a polished steering wheel spins a leather-wrapped rim around a polished, tilting steering column. This awesome GTO is a documented, thoroughly upgraded muscle car that features an ideal blend of performance and style. If you've been patiently waiting for the opportunity to pick up a near perfect example of the ORIGINAL muscle car, call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com today!