6x6 Pulling out tanker

A Peak 6X6 Kenworth water hauler pulling out a stuck tri-drive tanker that was hauling water to a rig.

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Iveco Trakker Hovertruck

Royal Marine driver gets stuck
Ever tried driving a 50 ton truck up a muddy slope? This Bootneck did, and needed rescuing.

Loading-Up The Huge Kenworth At The End of Truckin' For Kids 2013
*WATCH IN HD* At the end of Truckin' For Kids 2013, the guys of American Heavy Moving & Rigging are seen loading their huge Kenworth prime mover onto a Murray detachable goose-neck lowboy for their trip back to Chino, California. I know nothing about the big KW, except to my ear, it sounds like it's powered by a Caterpillar. Shot on Sunday October 6th, 2013.

100-ton Desert Oilfield Truck
FOR SALE: One 1995 100-ton Kenworth 6x6 desert oilfield truck. Originally built by Fountain and then remanufactured and rebuilt by the team at Heavy Duty Transaxle, it's the perfect mover for your drilling projects, oilrig transportation and general heavy duty operations. More information is available at our website: http://www.hdtransaxle.com.