Cocoliso 7.15@191

Cocoliso 2Jz form Puerto Rico Oso tech & Tony Performance

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6 second honda
aem honda got a 6.75 second quater mile pass.. converted to a rear wheel car..

pica "el yankee" rx8 13b dyno
pica imports "el yankee" rx8 on the Dyno tuned by OSO Tech

pica imports "el yankee" rx8 13b turbo dyno 5
pica imports "el yankee" rx8 13b turbo Dyno run tuned by OSO Tech

fabiola rx7 fd 7.33@180
fabiola rx7 from PR is back with his new appereance after a accident in salinas speedway few months ago. here the 1st test pass with the new paint job 13b cosmo,semi pp,alcohol,full chassis tuned by oso tech engine by edwin loquito killer