Roman Rusinov and G-Drive at Le Mans 2012

Roman Rusinov and G-Drive Racing by Signatech Nissan at Le Mans 2012 (c)

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G-Drive Racing & Roman Rusinov backstage during Le Mans 24h

Lamborghini GT3 Navarra on board driven by Roman Rusinov
(c) Lamborghini GT3 on board camera, testing on Navarra circuit 29 november 2010 coached by Roman Rusinov

Le Mans 2012 Sunrise with Signatech Nissan
A lap and a half with a Signatech Nissan LM On Board camera, watching the moment of the sunrise. Recorded at 5.45 a.m.

MotoGP Paddock Girls in Le Mans 2012
The glamour of the MotoGP Paddock Girls, at the fourth race of 2012 in Le Mans