LCD Stealth Install

I installed a flip up LCD in the dashboard of my 2005 Infiniti FX35. Nice Huh?

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Ipod Touch Mod
This is a modification that I made to my FX35. I basically installed the Apple AV Cable into the dashboard, and wired the sound and video into my factory system. PIX HERE:

Pop up screen demonstration- this unit installed in your car for GPS DVD or Car PC MDT Monitor
A stand alone unit for vechicle this can be retro-fitted into any vechicle. This video was taken at our exhibition in Hong Kong. See it on our site

Half din Pyle monitor in infiniti fx35

In-dash Flip-up Touchscreen VGA LCD
This is a VGA touchscreen I bought for my car dashboard about three years ago. Here I show it flipping down and up and the VGA signal from my PC booting up.