Cosmo Racing Short Ram Intake 1988 Acura Legend L

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Acura legend K&N Matrix dual strage twin filter intake
my 94 acura legend sedan with K&N and Matrix air filters. video does not do it justice at all.

05 Acura RL with Cosmo Racing Short Air Intake

1988 Acura Legend Supercharged
1988 Acura Legend SC14 Supercharged from Toyota. BHP 161 and 160 LB Torque naturally aspirtated, 210 HP with Supercharger engaged? no Dyno yet. Mods are: VR4 360cc Injectors, Walbro 255LPH pump, 91 Cheveron octane, CxRacing Intercooler, Vortech 8:1 FMU, Innovated MTX-L Wide Band, Equus Boost Gauge, OBX headers, Twin Loop OBX muffler with 2.5" full Exhaust.

1993 Acura Legend Intake Vid
Just a short clip of my legend.