Police Chase Motorbike at Over 245 kph in Sweden

Crash Compilations: http://www.youtube.com/user/CrashCenter?feature=mhee Visit http://www.chasesandcrashes.com for more. Police in Sweden in an unmarked Saab 9-5 chase a biker at speeds reaching more than 245 km/h along a highway. The biker ends the chase fatally by crashing into a barrier. The female passenger on the bike survives with minor injuries.

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Houston Police Chase (March 28, 2016) ABC13 KTRK | KPRC
HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston police say the man who led officers on a high speed chase from southeast Houston to Brazoria County was initially a passenger in the truck. Officers stopped the truck because the driver had two felony warrants for aggravated assault. While they were taking him into custody, Jose Luis Orta slid into the driver's seat and drove away. The actual chase started at West Orem and Almeda in southeast Houston and ended off of Highway 521. "At some point during the chase here in Brazoria County, the suspect displayed a shotgun out the window as he was still fleeing from the officers," said Lt. Robert Blain. A tire on the truck blew but Orta kept going. The finale was on the property of Providence Plantation where the road ended. Thousands watched as the chase played out on live television, including Thomas Massey's wife who called to warn him. "I said it's not a problem. We're here," Massey said. "About that time she said oh they're turning on your road. That time I jumped out of my office, ran downstairs, got in my truck and blocked the front gates." But he avoided that barrier and plowed through the gates of the ranch instead. When he couldn't go any further, he jumped out of the truck and into the Brazos River. It took officers about an hour to get him out. "They were saying you're either swimming back to prison or you're going in the car back to prison," said Patrick Cassidy, who was working on the ranch. "But he was going back." We're told police found two shotguns and drugs in the truck. Luckily nobody was hurt, and Orta won't be leading anyone on a chase any time soon.

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Motorcycle Rider Shot and Killed by Police
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Hollywood, Los Angeles Police Chase (April 07, 2016) KNBC | KCAL | KTLA | KABC
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The driver who led police on a wild chase through Los Angeles on Thursday was a trained vehicle operator for the U.S Marine Corps, the Pentagon confirmed. According to military personnel information from the Marine Corps, 20-year-old Herschel Reynolds served in the Marines from April 22, 2014 to Jan. 13, 2016. He was ranked as a private, and although he was never deployed, he was decorated with the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, records show. Reynolds was trained at Camp Pendleton as a Marine Corps motor vehicle operator. "Herschel Reynolds' premature discharge and rank are indicative of the fact that the character of his service was incongruent with Marine Corps' expectations and standards," the Pentagon said. Reynolds drove a rented Mustang convertible from Cerritos through Hollywood and other parts of L.A. for more than an hour before winding up in a South L.A. neighborhood. The incident began around 1:24 p.m. when authorities responded to a report of a home burglary in the 12300 block of Charlwood Street in Cerritos. The suspects were accused of stealing a box of jewelry. A neighbor described the car the suspects were traveling in, and a helicopter unit found the Mustang on the westbound 91 Freeway heading toward the northbound 710 Freeway. At one point in the chase, Reynolds exited the 101 Freeway at Hollywood Boulevard and began to skid the car in circular "donuts" before taking off again. They were also seen driving on the highway shoulder and driving the wrong way on other L.A. streets. Once in South L.A., Reynolds and his passenger, 19-year-old Isaiah Young, stopped in front of a home near 51st and Hoover streets. That's where Reynolds exited the car and casually sat on the hood. The two began greeting and hugging people before police arrived and took the pair into custody. The vehicle was rented by a female companion who accompanied Reynolds to Atwest Car Rental in South Los Angeles. The car was supposed to be returned Friday, but now it is in impound. Reynolds is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail, while Young is being held in lieu of $80,000 bail due to an outstanding warrant. Both suspects will be arraigned on Monday.