Porting Pro Comp 200cc Aluminum Head

PLEASE READ This is the begining procedures and evaluation of the Pro Comp 200cc Aluminum Cylinder Head. This evaluation set the procedure for the begining process of the head, and its strong points as well as it problems. One chamber is finished and the rest is to be done. This is part one.

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ProMaxx 200 Stage IV Combustion Chamber Re Shape 4.0
www.headbytes.com 615-212-7169 Now we move on to the combustion chamber re-shape (more of a blending EXCEPT for the intake side). This is one of the better machined cylinder heads I have had the pleasure of cutting on, besting many of the BIG NAME heads out there.

Porting Pro Comp Chambers for airflow unshrouding
PLEASE READ; This envolves porting the combustion chamber floors to line up with the 30 degree final seat in the bowl. The chamber is full of humps and machinist ridges where the aluminum is "overhanging" the hardend seat, along with PRO COMP making the spark plug hole too long and you have to cut the chamber down level to the spark plug surface with the plug in the head.

ProComp SB Head .200 Raised Runner problems Solved
Here is your request EXACTLY John, and for anybody else who has had problems with Pro-Comp or Patriot heads with Intake alignment, why fight it when you can make this an advantage on your engine. Yea, it takes a little work and time (or a little extra money to a cylinder head guy) but it makes the China Head worth the hassle. This shows how a problem is part of the deal that makes this a Brodix KILLER. How about a pair of CHEAP head that OUTPERFORM the HIGH DOLLAR NAME stuff at half the price? In the 23 degree world, there is only so much you can do, and since these were patterned off the BOW TIE phase VI head (.200 raised runners) they have a great advantage and far as mainstream flow angle are concerned. I hate CHINA, but this time they have the bomb for those on a budget, remember when EAGLE came out, there China (TIWAN) too. Enjoy

ProMaxx 200 NEW Intake Cutaway 3.0
http://www.headbytes.com 615-212-7168 Now we get to the heart of the matter, reveling the water jacket location, Extra material provided, and many other details of this new cylinder head from the people at ProMaxx. You can visit there website at http://www.promaxxperformance.com/