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👮 FILMING A POLICE OFFICER is LEGAL: An uber driver happens to be also a Lawyer tells Police Officer
The police does not know that this uber driver is a court lawyer :-) Jesse bright, a uber driver which happens to be also a court lawyer was stop by a police officer. The officer told this secret lawyer driver that filming or video recording a police officer is illegal and against the law. When the officer found out that the driver he stopped was a lawyer, the direction of the wind change... Watch the full video of the encounter.

Prison Escapee Convinces Cop He is Actually a Jogger
public domain video of a ball, la., police stop of escaped federal inmate richard lee mcnair. digital version released to the public by ball police dept., ball, louisiana on thursday 06 april 2006.

Stupid Cop doesn't know what he's giving me a ticket for. Pretty damn funny.
On a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the Venice bike path an LAPD officer was blocking the path on his motorcycle and another young girl was partially blocking the other side and bike traffic was backed up. I said, "officer, your motorcycle is blocking the bike path" to which he replied, "I can give you a ticket for that". As seen on YoVenice. :) A bit later and I have sirens pulling me over and I record the rest. You really gotta listen to how stupid this is. Some good quotes in there.

Probation Officer Thinks He's A Cop. Cop Explains It To Him: 1st Amendment Audit
Police officer train probation officer on the law. Photography is not a crime. Cop passes on 1st amendment audit. Probation officer fails. Original Title: PROBATION OFFICER BAAAAAD POLICE OFFICER GOOOOOD Originally Published on Apr 1, 2016 Original Channel: TXSHEEPDOG Original Title: This county employees job is not to patrol the parking lot and confront people. He is untrained for this. It is inherently dangerous and exposes Bexar County taxpayers to a great deal of liability. He believed he could make people to leave the property. Well, he can't and he learned that. Too bad he couldn't look it up and learn that himself and instead bothered the police to teach him. The SAPD officers in this video need recognition for upholding their oaths with respect to my rights not to ID and to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. Bexar County Juvenile Probation 1313 SE Military Ste. 113 San Antonio, TEXAS 78214 (210) 335-7500 Original Video: This is not my video. I am re-posting it in-case something happens to his channel. P and P News My Website: Twitter: Bambuser: Pinterest: Facebook: Reddit: Stumbleupon: