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Copy of Roger Bolligers 1971 Race T/A - Butler Pontiac Power
My latest for this Awesome Pontiac powered Trans Am

The New 840-Horsepower "Trans Am" Is Insane Fun -- THE/DRIVE
The Drive's Sean Evans drives the 840-hp "Trans Am Bandit Edition," a Chevy Camaro SS-turned-Trans Am, complete with T-tops and a 7.4-liter supercharged V8. It's the product of Trans Am Worldwide, of Florida, the state that gave us Burt Reynolds and crazy, badass things of all description. Video shot and edited by Andrew Siceloff, and produced by Cait Knoll. More at The Drive: er-alert-insane-fun

1000HP 2017 Trans Am Super Duty
Trans Am Worldwide installed a ground effects package, Trans Am-inspired graphics, and 20-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Rounding out the changes are lowering springs, a beefier anti-roll bar, and optional T-tops. The cabin clearly echoes the Camaro but there are a number of unique touches to help differentiate the two models. Highlights include embroidered leather seats, a new shifter, and painted door panels. Drivers will also find special floor mats, "Trans Am 455 Super Duty" sill plates, and a revised instrument cluster. Power is provided by an upgraded LT1 V8 engine which has been bored out to displace 7.4-liters. The company didn't stop there as they added a 2.3-liter Magnuson Supercharger, a cold air intake, ceramic coated headers, and an upgraded Exhaust system. These changes enable it to produce 1,000 hp (1,013 PS) and 1,046 lb-ft (1,416 Nm) of torque. Get More Great Car Videos - Subscribe:

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