500HP BHT Civic Turbo

500HP BHT Civic turbo Powered by BHT www.b-ht.com

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Honda Civic B16 Turbo 10.000 RPM at 1 bar - 14 psi (50-200,0-110 km)
civic b16a2 turbo 81.5mm στο 1bar -14 psi (0-100) 4 sec απο σταση (1:04-1:09) .. (50-150) 6 sec roll.. (0:34-0:40)..

Civic Coupe B18c GT3076R Cluster
1. Tacho Vid von 120-280

Turbo H22 Build #MurderCivic
Here's my old set up from the last 2 years till now. Car had a 100% Stock head, built bottom end, 62/66 precision turbo, e85, Stock h22 LSD transmission. Car was only tuned up to 23psi. Couldn't go any further due to issues with the stock head. When pulling the head off I discovered a small crack in the block. Car now has a fully built & sleeved block done by RS machines, Fully Built head with cams, valves, springs, retainers and a lot more mods. Stay tuned for the new build process. Just waiting on my twin disk clutch and I can drop the motor in. Also installed a whole new fuel system. For videos of me racing in between the Dyno and issues with the motor watch the rest of my videos on my channel labeled #MurderCivic. Subscribe, Like, Share for more videos to come.

Hulk Civic 80-260km/h
K20Z1 block Oem sleeves - Manley I beam turbo tuff rods - CP flat top pistons Oem K20A nitrit crankshaft Inline pro head with toda spec C cams 6765 turbo ID2000s Dual bosch 044 pumps 93 octane pump gas 19 psi on Boost Mfactory pro 6 speed gear set with Mfactory FD and hellical lsd 600+ whp