Grand Marquis Burnout

The final burnout.

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Mercury Grand Marquis Header Back Straight Pipes Full exhaust (LOUD)
matte black mercury grand marquis header back Exhaust revving.

1998 smokey Mercury Grand Marquis Burnout
1998 Mercury Grand Marquis Burnout This car completely stock, the parking lot pavement was not asphalt so that's why it has that funny sound.

'06-11 Impala SS and Grand Marquis burn and drag race
'06-11 Impala SS and 1992-97 Grand Marquis burn and drag race at Kansas City International Raceway, November 27, 2011. This was one of the final runs. My apologies for the commentary, Mr. Grand Marquis driver =) Don't worry, my DD does a 17.9 @ 79mph so I don't have room to talk. KCIR will be missed for sure.

Car show burn out..grand marquis.. Atlanta ga
Car show burnout atlanta ga club parking lot..