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Rover 825 SDi

Rover 825 year 1998


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Rover - Service Insight - Rover 825 Diesel Engine
Rover - Service Insight - Rover 825 Diesel Engine Copied directly from a dealership VHS video If you have any Austin/Rover videos, especially relating to the Maestro and Montego models, we would love to hear from you. Programme Content: Engine Overview - A brief look at the major engine features The Diesel Four Stroke Cycle - An insight into the combustion process of an indirect injection diesel Servicing - Sequenced servicing of the new engine Engine Rebuild - Cylinder liners - Cylinder block, crankshaft and main bearings - Pistons and rings - Cylinder heads - overhaul and fitment - Injection pump timing Fitting the Engine - A few hints and tips to ease the engine refit Tuning Adjustments - How to keep the 825 diesel running smoothly SMD 8749/1 1990

Young Clarkson pre clever dick, raving on 800!
Young Clarkson raving on Rover 800

Abusing a Rover 820!!
This one was picked up as a "non runner", with a severe head gasket problem... so we intended to strip it of all useable bits, to keep our own 800's going.... Although we had V6's, a lot of the other bits were common... and this was a particularly rare 8v model, with a carburettor, it seemed a shame to kill it, but we did, and had some fun in the process... I'd like to add that I am NOWHERE to be seen in this vid!

Rover 827SI
Short encounter with a very nice (and quick) Rover.

Rover 820 vitesse turbo drive-by
Just a quick video of my bro's 820 turbo after a few upgrades.

Rover 825 SLI Part 1
My neighbour, Byron, drives an automatic for the first time!


Rover 827 top speed 235km/h
Rover 827 2.7 V6 top speed 235km/h, 140mph+

ELECTRIC WINDOWS/SUNROOF BEEPING? Car Fix. Program Drivers Door Switches. Rover 800 820 825 827
This is how to stop your windows and/or sunroof from beeping on your Rover 800. I needed to do the ones on my Rover 800 (Zircon Silver Coupe No.1) after reconnecting the battery. This will usually solve the beeping (although it normally takes a few more goes!). If the windows do still beep, then you may have to remove the door panels and use some spray grease on the cables/mechanicals! Sometimes the drivers switch pack may need resoldering, as they do suffer from dry solder joints on occassion. (as you have two switches on each window in every car, then if one does work and one does not, then it is worth resoldering the one that does not fully function). Also some owners do seem to suggest problems occuring as a result of bad connections in the main fuse box too! So if the above stuff fails it will do you no harm to have that resoldered too!

Another Vid of my Rover 825 Coupe
rover 825 coupe

How to Fix the ABS. ABS Warning Light on? Self Diagnosis Test & Fault Codes. Turn Off ABS dash light
If your ABS light comes on on your Rover 800 (Rover 820/825/827) you can carry out this simple test to see what is causing the fault (FAULT CODES SHOWN BELOW) as the vehicle is fitted with an on-board Self-Diagnostics system. The connector to use on the late model Rover 800 Mk2 (96-99) only has 2 wires going to it, so you simply connect them together as shown. On earlier Mk2 Rover 800's (92-96) the connector should have 4 wires. On the early cars you need to remove the bridge connection that is present, then connect the Yellow/Green wire to the black wire as shown. (to make sure you have the right connector the other two wire should be coloured Yellow/Black & Purple/Grey). CODE FAULT 1-2 Start/End Identification 1-6 Front Left Solenoid Valve 1-7 Front Right Wheel 1-8 Rear Wheels Solenoid Valve 1-9 Relays or Relay Power Supply 2-5 Pulsar Ring 3-5 Return Pump 3-7 Brake Light Switch 3-9 Front Left Wheel Speed Sensor Signal 4-1 Front Left Sensor Continuity 4-2 Front Right Wheel Speed Sensor Signal 4-3 Front Right Sensor Continuity 4-4 Rear Left Wheel Speed Sensor Signal 4-5 Rear Left Sensor Continuity 4-6 Rear Right Wheel Speed Sensor Signal 4-7 Rear Right Sensor Continuity 4-8 Battery Voltage Too Low 5-5 Electronic Control Unit 5-6 Interruption of Fault Codes The Self Diagnosis Feature will store up to the last 3 Faults it has recorded, even after the fault has been fixed. To clear the Fault Code Memory after fixing a fault and extinguishing the ABS Fault light on the dashboard. From the iginition on position, switch the ignition OFF then back ON 20, yes, 20 times! (This has been known to cause a fuse or two to pop on a few cars, so you may just need to check everything else is still working OK before you drive off!). p.s. Here's my Top Handy Hint: If you have a fault like mine, where you need an ABS sensor, if you want you can use the ones off the opposite side of the vehicle if you re-use your brackets off the correct side. (Great tip when you find a car in the scappers that only has the wrong side one fitted, because you can still use it.) Till Next Time, Have Fun!

Rover - Service Insight - Rover 800 Series - A Technical Reveal
Rover - Service Insight - Rover 800 Series - A Technical Reveal Copied directly from a dealership VHS video If you have any Austin/Rover videos, especially relating to the Maestro and Montego models, we would love to hear from you. Programme Content: Underbonnet layout 2.0 litre T series engine Suspension, steering and brakes Burglar alarm Electric windows Lazy locking Interior features SMD 8527/1 1991

rover 827 coupe 2.7 V6
0-100 en 7.7 environ 0-140 en 13.7 toujours environ ;) je crois qu'elle commence a etre bien dégommée lol

Rover 820 Vitesse Sport Turbo Fastback in BRG*
*British Racing Green* This is a late 1999 Rover Vitesse Sport - 200BHP version - in British Racing Green with standard half leather Recaro interior. It's as original as I could find, I bought it with a dump valve fitted and after market stereo, but that's it - everything else is standard. Oh yes, I fitted a chrome mesh front grill too! I do like these 800's/820's/825's/Vitesse/Sterlings - I've had loads over the years and Sd1's too. You can see my project SD1 VDP EFi in the background. Thanks for looking and check out my other Rover clips. P.S :) - tehe, got my dad to write it out - :)

Rover Salesman training video - 800 series
Copied directly from a dealership VHS video If you any Austin/Rover videos, especially relating to the Maestro and Montego models, we would love to hear from you.

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