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Rover 825 SDi

Rover 825 year 1998


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Young Clarkson pre clever dick, raving on 800!
Young Clarkson raving on Rover 800

Rover Professionals - Service Insight - L Series Diesel
Copied directly from a dealership VHS video If you have any Austin/Rover videos, especially relating to the Maestro and Montego models, we would love to hear from you. Look into the L series diesel engine - fitted to the Rover 600. Service Insight - 2.0 'L' Series Engine Strip - Fly by Wire Throttle - Main Servicing Features 30 Mins Rover Group Ltd - 1995

Rover 825 SLI Part 1
My neighbour, Byron, drives an automatic for the first time!

Abusing a Rover 820!!
This one was picked up as a "non runner", with a severe head gasket problem... so we intended to strip it of all useable bits, to keep our own 800's going.... Although we had V6's, a lot of the other bits were common... and this was a particularly rare 8v model, with a carburettor, it seemed a shame to kill it, but we did, and had some fun in the process... I'd like to add that I am NOWHERE to be seen in this vid!

Automatic Gearbox Self Diagnosis Test. For Jatco Gear Box. Rover 800 825 2.5 KV6 Auto.
Having a Gearbox Problem with your Rover 800 KV6 Auto? or looking to buy a Rover 825 Automatic? Then you may want to know how to check the Gear Box the easy way. The Jatco Auto Box is fitted with a Electronic Self Diagnosis Test. Easy to check. No tools required. The 'Sport' mode light will flash any Fault codes found. Continuous flashing equals no fault. If a fault is found the code is displayed by a sequence of flashes. example; A common fault is the inhibitor switch (which is located on top of the gearbox and is attached to the end of the gear selector cable). This results in five flashes quickly followed by another five flashes. Fault code 5-5. Any other faults are shown in a similar way. The Fault Codes are as follows; 1-1 Vehicle speed sensor 1 (Open or short circuit) 1-3 Engine speed sensor (Open or short circuit) 1-5 ATF temperature sensor (Open) 2-1 Throttle sensor (Open or short circuit) 2-4 Vehicle speed sensor 2 (Open or short circuit) 3-1 Shift solenoid A (Open circuit) 3-2 Shift solenoid B (Open circuit) 3-3 Over-run clutch solenoid (Open circuit) 3-4 Lock-up solenoid (Open circuit) 3-5 Line pressure solenoid (Open circuit) 3-6 Shift lock solenoid (Open circuit) 4-1 Short circuit 4-2 Short circuit 4-3 Short circuit 4-4 Short circuit 4-5 Short circuit 4-6 Short circuit 5-2 Serial communication circuit (Open or short circuit) 5-3 Torque down control circuit (Open or short circuit) 5-4 Vehicle speed sensor 1 & 2 (Open or short circuit) 5-5 Inhibitor switch (Open or short circuit) 6-1 Memory back-up (Open or short circuit) 6-2 Battery supply (Open or short circuit) 6-3 Wrong gear (Open or short circuit) Then switch your ignition off to exit the test. To clear the Gear Box memory, you remove the left hand fuse in a bank of 6 fuses under the steering coloumn, for at least five minutes.

Rover 800 Fastback Lazy Locking Electric Windows. 4/5 Door Rover 820 825 827 i/Si/Vitesse/Sterling
Late Model Mk2 Rover 800 Alarm Remote Control. (For 4/5 Door Rover 800's)(See My Other Vids for Coupe!) Press Once = Lock Doors. Press Twice = Dead Lock Doors. Press Once & Hold = Lock Doors & Lazy Lock Windows (& Sunroof). Press Twice & Hold = Dead Lock Doors & Lazy Lock Windows (& Sunroof). Normal Locking includes Doors/Boot & Setting Alarm/Immobilser. The 1999 V Reg Car in the Video Does NOT have a Sunroof & so that part of the Lazy Lock Feature Does NOT Apply in this Case. Window shut Order (Anti-Clockwise). Front Passenger Side. Rear Passenger Side. Rear Drivers Side. Front Drivers Side.

Michaels newly restored Twin Plenum Vitesse and Phils beastly 5.3 litre Vitesse


Rover 820 vitesse turbo drive-by
Just a quick video of my bro's 820 turbo after a few upgrades.

Rover 800 (R17) Review
Top Gear reviews the (R17) Mk2 Rover 800 in November 1991

ELECTRIC WINDOWS/SUNROOF BEEPING? Car Fix. Program Drivers Door Switches. Rover 800 820 825 827
This is how to stop your windows and/or sunroof from beeping on your Rover 800. I needed to do the ones on my Rover 800 (Zircon Silver Coupe No.1) after reconnecting the battery. This will usually solve the beeping (although it normally takes a few more goes!). If the windows do still beep, then you may have to remove the door panels and use some spray grease on the cables/mechanicals! Sometimes the drivers switch pack may need resoldering, as they do suffer from dry solder joints on occassion. (as you have two switches on each window in every car, then if one does work and one does not, then it is worth resoldering the one that does not fully function). Also some owners do seem to suggest problems occuring as a result of bad connections in the main fuse box too! So if the above stuff fails it will do you no harm to have that resoldered too!

Another Vid of my Rover 825 Coupe
rover 825 coupe

Rover 800 Top Gear road test 1991
Rover 800 Top Gear road test 1991

rover 827 coupe 2.7 V6
0-100 en 7.7 environ 0-140 en 13.7 toujours environ ;) je crois qu'elle commence a etre bien dégommée lol

Rover 825 Coupe
This is Rover 825 Coupe(1996r) in Oxfrd Blue Pearlescent paint. It has 2.5l 175bhp V6 engine :)

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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