1992 Camaro V8 305 RS Cherrybomb exhaust

stock manifolds into stock y-pipe into stock cat into 2.25" pipe into a cherrybomb glasspack out to 2.5" tip.

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1990 Camaro 305 (5.0L) vs Infinity G35
Bone stock 305 Camaro with small 75shot of Nitrous vs 2003 Infinity G35, Exhaust intake spacer, stage 4 clutch, cold air 50mph to about 100 mph race

Cherry Bomb Glasspacks on V8
This is my old 01 GMC with 8" cherry bomb glasspacks and 6" tips 12" long. Its a true dual with cats. Its just a 6.0l with no aftermarket parts except the Exhaust work and a cold air intake. If your looking at buying some cherry bombs this will give you an idea of how they sound from a cold start at the first of the video to after its ran for about ten minutes on the last clip of the video. All the piping is 2.5 inch. Only reason for the pics are to try to put a gap inbetween clips but im no good with video editing.

Camaro with cherry bomb vortex muffler.
86 Camaro 350 4bbl, with headman headers, 2.5" Exhaust with no cat, and cherry bomb vortex muffler.

SICK!! 1992 camaro RS
1992 Camaro RS 25th anniversary. Been rebuilding this car for the past few months. Has a rebuilt '78 sbc 350 bored 30 over, crank is 10/10, 3 angle valve job with z28 valve springs. Comp cam, double timing chain, meiling oil pump, clevite main, rod, and cam bearings. Numbers state the block was from a '78 vette. Edlebrock 1406 carb with performer intake, flowtech headers and y pipe, everything pretty fresh. Bought the car for $600 and invested about $2,100 into it! Ready to get her on the road, which once I do I will be posting more videos!