11 year old on ktm 65 with GOPRO

my little brothers 3rd ride on his 02 ktm 65. hes riding with my dad and my dad is on his 01 yz250. my little brother is 11 and hes still getting used to the clutch after coming from the pw80.

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Why To Never Let a Friend Use Your Dirt bike Kx 125
Im getting alot of hate on this video haha but just clarifying a few things people have been saying. No this is not me driving it is a friend. Yes , these dirt bikes probably can easily take the damage he dished out on it but its still funny/cringe worthy to watch. Yes he does have most of the gear but a few of you think this is fake but all he owns is gloves the helmet and a jersey, not even that much gear. Last of all when i say this is his first time on a big bike , yes 125s aren't very big bikes but he came off a Thumpstar which is half the size of this one so i refer to my 125 as a BIG BIKE. And one last thing THANK YOU ALL for the views and comments. I never thought this video would reach 1m views, crazy to think that it it. Please dont give this video heaps of hate, Im not intending for him to blow up the bike i just put it up for shits but the vid seems to be getting alot of hate and dislikes. If you HATE the sound of a 2 stroke nearly blowing up PLEASE DO NOT watch this video. This is not me in the video it is a mate who wanted to try my dirt bike and yes obviously hes crap! its his first time riding a big dirt bike he should have started on a 4 stroke.

rm85 and kx100 street ride

Danger Boy Deegan Goes BIG!
Danger Boy Deegan is back! Check out this brand new episode of Danger Boy tearing it up on the supercross track and hitting the 85 foot freestyle ramp, its a MUST SEE!!! www.BrianDeegan.com

Overwhelmed Ryder
Ryder's 4th birthday party - Mommy, Daddy and Grandparents went in on a real KTM 50 mini sx. I spent the last week taming this thing and de-tuning it. Still has a little too much power for his 40lbs, but I will fix that with an adjustable throttle. Ryder was completely overwhelmed yesterday, which is just what I expected. This is new for me too, as I've never taught a 4yr old how to ride a dirt bike!! More to come soon...