The Fiero - A Detailed Look (Lights, Kenwood Deck, Amp)

I do a quick video of the latest upgrades. Includes new LEDGlow Lights and Kenwood Deck LEDGlow Lights: Music Featured is: The Road - Wiz Khalifa No Copyright infringement intended

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How its made: Embrace Racing Headlight Lenses
An in depth look and how the Embrace Racing headlight lenses are made from scratch. Feel free to ask any questions!

Muffler Madness Flowmaster Upgrade Lil Red Rocket
Mark and Mckay bring you some video and audio of the new upgrade to the Lil Red Rocket.

Fiero Level 2 Console Subwoofer Insert Kit
Black Top Racing is the new name of TLG Auto. Find us at Click this link for more details, installed pictures and to purchase your own! l-style/ Install an 8" subwoofer in the center console of your Pontiac Fiero with a sealed enclosure from Find us on Facebook at:

LED Brakes and Rear Blinkers for the Pontiac Fiero
Black Top Racing is the new name of TLG Auto. Find us at This is the second video of a 2-part series where Chris Nelson shows you what you need to do in order to upgrade the rear lighting of your Pontiac Fiero to LED. Specifically this video shows you how to install LED light bulbs in your tail lights, and how they are better than the stock bulbs. The Fiero LED Tail Light kit is here for both Notchback Models: lbs-upgrade-kit/