Monster 4x4 Jeep Wallington Bog&Grog 5-15-2011

Thanks to wallington fire Dept for putting this event on for all the Rednecks in our Area that like to go out and have a goof time once in a wile ... also a Big thanks to the Barnyard Boggers , Friday4x4's and everyone that came to this event to put on a show for us to watch and video ,,, Check out more videos like this one at our website at

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HomeGrown4x4's at Kirbys Compound First Event 2011
Mud Fun for the Family

P~6 Friday4x4 Monster Mud Trucks Spring Event of 2011
first off we would like to Thank Brain for letting everyone come here to mud at his House and his Land .. Thanks to everyone that came to the event and we all had a Grate ass time as always videoing the 4x4 Monster Mega Trucks at Friday4x4's .. allot of people came and the turn out was awesome with no just Spectators but with Mud trucks from all over .. So stay tuned if the show Opened like this and this was thew first trucks out was Crazy Cooter and the Gang from Friday4x4's

Monster 4x4 Mega Camaro {FOR SALE} Barnyard Boggers Scott Rothfuss
scottys selling the Camaro. Comes turn key has a built turbo 350 trans but second gear isnt working other wise ready to go racing and has a extra red 96 Camaro body to go with it. frame is 3x3 1/4 inch wall, 468 bbc motor is two and a half years old Dyno was 650 hp on pump fuel with mufflers 78 ford lift coil springs SCS transfer case 3 :1 gears ratio Overson shafts in the front with the good over...son u joints and locker so yes they are under warranty . ... rear has violater shafts with welded spiders and both have mowhawked diffs. Up yours lifts knuckels braces. hydro steering. 18.4 26 tires tubed with great tread. Msd igniton tell tale tac 4 point harness seat belts full roll cage. $10,000 can help with delivery bunch of other little stuff and for more details call scott at 585 303 0296 thanks for looking Have plenty of videos and photos of this mega truck in action here is the Link to the Barnyard Boggers Face Book Page!/profile.php?id=100000957222434 also check out our website for more videos of the 4x4 Trucks for sale at

OFF ROAD REVOLUTION EXPERIENCE 4X4 XTREME JEEP AMAZING MOMENT VIDEO OFF ROAD REVOLUTION EXPERIENCE 4X4 XTREME JEEP AMAZING MOMENT This on of amazing offroad moment, for more new video update please subscribe our channel now on this link: Tags : "jeep" "trucks" "f150" "offroad" "off road" offroading 4x4 "rock crawling" mudding mud "gta 5 gameplay" "jeep jk" "land ruiser" "rc cars" "formula 1" "4x4 mudding" "grand cherokee" "car crashes" "nissan titan" "discount tire" "4 wheel parts" 4wd "four wheel parts" "4x4 parts" "trucks off road 4x4 "jeep off road" "jeep off road extreme" "jeep wrangler" "f150 raptor off road" "f150 rift trucks" "offroad extreme truck" "off road truck extreme" "off road extreme" "off road vehicles" "offroading jeeps" "rock crawling extreme" "mudding off road" "mudding "discount tire" "4 wheel parts" 4wd "four wheel parts" "4x4 parts" 4x4 "awd cars" "off road" "off road parts" "off road warehouse" "off road vehicles" "off road design" "off roading" "off road trailer" "best off road suv" "extreme 4x4" "off road accessories" "off road trucks" "best off road vehicle" "off road racing" "off road magazine" "off road trailers" "off road diesel" "off road unlimited" "off road truck parts" "best off road vehicles"