Honda S2000 vs Acura RSX-S w/ CAI

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KMOD RSX vs a Gallardo (2009)
Injen CAI Stock K20 TB K20a2 IM Stock K24a4 Engine KMOD VTEC Killer Kit DCRH 2.5in Exhaust Hondata Kpro . -Nothing crazy just a K24a4 with bolt-ons, tuning, and a K20a2 cam. Go to for more details

S2000 vs Rsx type S vs B20 Ek
2003 Ap1 S2000: stock Rsx type S: intake Ek: b20 swapped

350z vs. RSX-S
MikeEwithTheZ vs. ACurti

S2000 vs. RSX-S
Honda S2000 vs. Acura RSX-S