4G Mitsubishi Eclipse GT vs Ford Mustang

**Note: These races were computer generated. They did not really happen.

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4G Eclipse GT vs Nissan 350Z
My stock GT vs a random 350Z, most likely stock too. Pardon the crappy quality video, as I was recording and driving. In the 1st race, he tried to do a flyby and I responded, in the 2nd race, I waited for him to launch and then I missed 3rd gear, just as I was about to pass it. Enjoy!!

Nissan Sentra SER vs Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Cam view #1
SER spec V- intake, headers, greddy Exhaust, and a stock tune Mitsubishi- Spectre custom intake, invidia Exhaust, and a custom tune

4g Eclipse GT accelerating
From 10MPH to 125MPH. Stock.

2002 Eclipse GT vs 2006 Mustang V6