Windshield Flex from 1 DC Audio Level 6 18" Woofer

*** visit *** A few days ago, i stopped by a db drag contest to hang out with some friends and drop off a few toys for the "toys for tots" drive they were putting on. This is a DC Audio Level 6, the MONSTER sub in DC's lineup. It sounded GREAT! It is powered by a DC Audio 7.5k Amplifier. I was HIGHLY impressed with this setup! If you like WOOFERS, AMPS and LOUD, subscribe! More on the way! DC Audio can be found on my website so visit today and get your DB on! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow:

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Coolest little basshead i've met, between brackets raffles and award she waited for like 2 hours for this demo, i thought id hit her hard, you can tell because my rear view mirror actually falls off... only time it fell of thew whole day... Not many girls into car audio lets keep this up Equipment used in video - lid=20004&campid=5338029122& from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dp2334524.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC1.A0.H0.Xsundown%2Baudio .TRS1%26_nkw%3Dsundown%2Baudio

sound car caripito 10
jajajajaja el ganador en basico

Golf 3 160 db
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My Ride at 146 dB !!!!!
My Ride for the dB Drag !!!! Currently running 4 GZ Hydrogen 15 inches, Steg K2.04, Steg K 2.02 and Steg 4.01, Focal 165KRX3, Pioneer P80RS. Check out this vid for SPL numbers.... dex=4&feature=plcp And here is the setup !!! dex=4&feature=plcp