E46 BMW M3 @ Cayuga Track Day Sept 16 2007

First time @ Cayuga / Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga. Nice track, fun but hard on brakes.

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Blowing by a E90 M3 at Cayuga
Couple laps at the end of the day following my brother... We end up catching up to an e90 M3 that seems to be going for an extra slow sunday drive until we get to the main straight. Passing was not allowed on the infield only on the two main straights.

E46 M3 @ Toronto Motorsports Park (TMP) May 19 2010
Went to Toronto Motorsport Park for the first time this year to do some lapping... some laps shown chasing a Mustang who wasn't giving us a pass signal (and getting quite flustered in the process), as well as some chase laps with another E46 M3.

Police vs. BMW M3 1080p
Danish police in pursuit of a BMW M3

Nurburgring Nordshleife BMW M3 E46 BTG 7:35
Аренда гоночных автомобилей с проффесиональным инструктором на сайте http://www.greenhell.ru/ BMW M3 E46 with custom tuned Bilstein suspension. The car has no interior, roll cage. Stock engine, no other mods!