Tina Turner advertising The Sun (Australian ad... late 70's, early 80's)

Various television commercials from Australia: This advertisement for - was first broadcast on Australian television sometime in the early 80's. Note: This may have been at the time Australian manager Roger Taylor (instrumental in her comeback success) took on the legendary soul singer.

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Live - We are the World Finale
US arstists band together for a live version of We are the world closing the live aid show in the US, Patti being her usual self belts out and soars above the rest, she gets a bad rap everytime but this woman just gives 110% and if its not in her key shes gonna sing it in her key which she also did at the Motown finale, some people hate on her for doing what she does but she just wants to give the best performance possible some see it as upstaging or attempting to upstage everyone else I see it as just wanting to do what you love well.

1990 Tina Turner Rugby League promo
Simply the best - Tina Turner

ARL (NRL) Rugby League Tina Turner Commercial - Australia 1995
Tina Turner in the final year of her involvement in Australian Rugby League (ARL) promotion. This was also the year before the Super League vs ARL battle nearly killed rugby league in Australia. Also notable is that despite tobacco advertising on Australian TV being banned decades earlier, tobacco companies still managed to advertise through sport, such as the Winfield here with the Winfield Cup.

Tina Turner rare performance of Root Toot on German Tv(not full song)