454 BBC replaced with SSRE 582 - Dyno Run #1

Out with the old (454) in with the new (582). This is the engine I promised in the comments that is replacing my old 454 powerplant. As you can see from the end of the video this tree stump pullin' 582 monster has 784HP @ 6200RPM and 742ftlbs of torque @ 5000RPM. NO BOTTLE....and is streetable on pump gas at 10.5:1. Aside from the package Shafiroff offers on this engine, I had Wilson Manifolds provide intermediate porting and port matching of the intake to the DART PRO1 355cc heads which proves to be money well spent as it is giving this beast an additional 35HP over advertised on Shafiroff's website. Go to www.shafiroff.com for more specs on the 582 Ultra Street BIG DAWG.

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582 HHR Shafiroff Dyno
Here is a video of my 582 cu-in big block chevy being Dynoed (Feb 14, 2011) at Scott Shafiroff"s engine shop in Long Island NY. The motor made 753 hp at 5700 rpm and 723 ft-lbs of torque at 5,100 rpm with 93 octane fuel. I just installed it in my 1970 Chevelle SS and it is very stout! I was very impressed at how smooth and balanced the motor is. Great experience if anyone is thinking of going this route. Great folks at Shafiroff's :)

427 BBC Dyno pull
427 Big Block Chevrolet built by Brian Elings Racing Engines. AFR heads, Ultradyne flat tappet, T & D rocker arms, Manton pushrods, GM steel crank, GM 7/16 rods, SRP pistons, Victor jr. Holley 1050 dominator. 630 hp@ 7200, 500ft./lbs. tq.

582 BBC Dyno 1216 HP
Dyno session of a 582 Big Block Chevrolet engine with conventional 26 degree cylinder heads, normally aspirated. Olds Performance Products. Andy Miller

Starting a 454 BBC after 10 Months with Open Headers
Figured it was time to start up the old 454 from the corvette to mix the oil around and keep it fresh. It sure rumbles!!