Ford 347-425hp crate engine by Proformance Unlimited

Proformance Unlimited custom crate engine Ford 347-425hp You can view this engine package at the following link: "Stroke it once and your hooked"

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Ford Racing 363 500hp Crate engine
363 Front sump 500hp Crate engine from Ford Racing...QuickFuel 750Cfm Annular Booster Carb, Edelbrock Super Victor Intake, This will go into a Shelby Cobra Kit Car...Maybe yours?

Ford F150 Service Engine Light Solution
Ford F150 Service Engine Light Solution

347 425HP Ford Stroker Built By Proformance Unlimited 347 Small Block Ford Stroker Crate Engine With 425HP Whether your vehicle is a Mustang, Fairlane, Thunderbird, or any 60's muscle car; at Proformance Unlimited we are here to help design and build the combination that best suits your knowledge level and over all experience, so your vehicle will out perform your expectations. Please browse our engine combinations listed below. Proformance Unlimited is best known for our precision custom designs. If you have any questions and would like Proformance Unlimited to build your next engine feel free to call Doug or Steve 800-267-3940.

Ford Model T Assembly Line (1919)
Ford Motor Company produced these films to document the assembly of the Model T. The film begins with Part 5 -- this footage was edited out of order -- at a point when the Model T is near completion. As the car moves down the assembly line, workmen -- each assigned a specific task -- maneuver parts into position and attach them to the vehicle. Ford's use of the moving assembly line revolutionized auto making and provided affordable, reliable cars for Americans. (Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI) Learn more about the collections of The Henry Ford: