My NTC3 with a .21

NTC3 using a big block .21 RB Concepts Xenon R stock motor. Thanks for watching.

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My big block Ofna CD3
This is my CD3 that uses a Novarossi Kangaroo .21 RBmodded engine. This is my Outlaw street drag racer that has won me enuff money to buy 4 of these cars so far.

My Upgrade NTC3
This NTC3 has many new hop up parts from "FIORONI ULTRA RACING" . ..Thanks for watching.......This ntc3 are almost complete and will be ready for test in this summer and i will film this ntc3...................

Team associated tc3
this is my mamba max tc3 with an extreme racing carbon fiber chassis with aluminum clamp hex adapters, aluminum shaft, aluminum spur adapter, aluminum cvd shafts, aluminum threaded body shocks/with tune springs, front one way diff

OFNA DM-1 pro OS .28ZX stock vs 1st mod test
Heres my friend's OFNA DM-1 pro, im doing a test mod on his OS .28ZX. so heres a first glance of the mod, that is only sleeve work. Nothing else is done yet on the rest of the engine. The DM-1 use stock 16T 20T gearing.