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Audi 80 Quattro 2.0 115KM B3

Audi Quattro w akcji. 2.0 115KM.


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Audi 80 widebody turbo quattro on ice track
Audi 80 widebody turbo quattro on ice track at Tahkovuori Nilsiä Finland. Video was shot with an iPhone 4S by JTmedia.


1988 B3 Audi 80 90 Demo Drive tape
Demo tape for the new Audi 80 / 90, mostly focusing on performance driving. I love the comment at the end of the tape :)

Audi Quattro S1 ( Gruppe B ) by Prospeed (800hp)
Niki Zlatkov Prospeed im Fahrerlager und Start zum 2. Lauf bei der Quattrolegende 2013

Audi 80 QUATTRO helps BMW
An Audi 80 Quattro pulling a BMW out of the roadside ditch. Luckily the BMW had taken no Damage, not even a scratch. Video by sLOW-Productions https://www.facebook.com/slowproduction

Audi 80 quattro drifting on snowy streets
Ettevaatust, teed on libedad :) Winter fun with audi quattro in Tallinn.

Quattro Drifting
Langeweile am Sonntag :)

Audi 80 To co kocham
Filmik poświęcony Audi 80 . Gorąco zapraszam do oglądania w jakości HD. Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich z Audi Klub Iława, audi80.pl oraz Audi Klub Polska. :D Proszę o komentarze.

2015 560-HP Audi RS6 Avant Review - Fast Lane Daily
The Audi RS6 is no ordinary wagon (or Avant if you prefer) with 560 horsepower and a 0 to 60 time under 4 seconds - it's arguably one of the best looking wagons on the market available today. Sarah Sauer takes this roaring machine for ride on some pretty roads and of course the famed Autobahn, check it out! With camera men Jan Gleitsmann and Jens Stratmann of Ausfahrt.tv! Subscribe to Ausfahrt.tv! http://www.youtube.com/user/ausfahrttv FLD Twitter: http://bit.ly/14WmK60 FLD Facebook: http://on.fb.me/120yqjQ FLD on Instagram: http://bit.ly/10Yl3oa Have a tip? Email us: tips@fastlanedaily.com Get the FastLaneDaily Podcast on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fast-lane-daily/id525614536

Audi 80 B4 quattro Limo 5 Zylinder 2 3E mit BN Pipes ab 200Zeller Rennkat (Ауди кватро)
Смотрите также в плейлисте: --- - --- Audi S2 Coupe 800 HP [10.0@231] Vs. Porsche 996 turbo Drag Race 9° Rally Legend 2011 Pure engine sounds HD 1994 Audi S4 Avant Quattro 4.2 V8 & 6spd - Import this vehicle direct from Japan. Audi 80 B4 quattro Limo 5 Zylinder 2.3E mit BN-Pipes ab 200Zeller Rennkat Audi 80 Cabriolet 2.6 HD-Video Audi cabriolet ,project Audi Coupe 2.3E 5-Cyl Exhaust Sound Audi Quattro S1 Group B Monster 800bhp Audi RS2 0-270kmh Audi RS2 515PS PK-Motorsport Teil2 Audi S1 TRIBUTE Audi S2 100-320kmh Audi S2 Coupe [9.87@242] Vs. Dodge Viper 8.6 V10 Drag Race Audi S2 turbo 500 HP Test Drive 1 !!!Absolut der Hammer!!! Audi S2 Tuning Audi Sport Quattro (Dahlback 560hp) at Vaaler Raceway AUDI V80 QUATTRO 4,2T Best of Audi S1 und Sport Quattro Golf II - R32 4wd Hells racing Audi S2 945hp Orsa Sweden 155-10 10.12 @234kmh Lada VFTS engine run Mk2 Vr6t Gt40 test 04.2013 Straight piped Audi 80, 2.3 5 Cyl sound! Custom Exhaust. Subaru Impreza Rally Car Tribute III Смотрите также на канале: 2013 ВАЗ 2108.Обзор (интерьер, экстерьер).(VAZ 2013 2108.Obzor (interior, exterior)) 2108 ТУРБО РЕКОРД СНГ FWD 2010-2011, (2108 turbo RECORD CIS FWD 2010-2011) , 2114 турбо (2114 turbo), Churup vaz 2108 (Churup vaz 2108) Lada Samara turbo+Nitro= +250kmh, (Lada Samara turbo + Nitro = +250 kmh) Porsche 911 vs ВАЗ 2108 STI (Porsche 911 vs VAZ 2108 STI). SAMARA 2108 turbo (SAMARA 2108 turbo), SDC10628 () Tuning vaz 2108 (Tuning vaz 2108), VAZ ВАЗ-2108 Работа ДВС без масло. Suprotec, (VAZ VAZ-2108 engine work without oil. Suprotec), VAZ 2108 7600RPM 1.1 STOCK, Russian tuning the motor in a rating. Lag of valves. () VAZ 2108 turbo, VAZ 2108 Выхлоп Vaz 2108 корч VAZ Работа ДВС ВАЗ-2108 без масла (вид снизу на коленвал), (Work VAZ VAZ-2108 engine without oil (bottom view of the crankshaft)), Авто для автокросса (Car for autocross), Ваз 2108 супер машина! (Vaz 2108 super car!), Ваз 2108 турбо (Vaz 2108 turbo) ВАЗ 2108. Восьмёрка 1985 года (VAZ 2108. Eight 1985), ВАЗ 2108. Разгон до 100кмч за 4.35 сек. (VAZ 2108. Acceleration 100kmch for 4.35 sec) ВАЗ 2108-турбо (VAZ 2108-turbo), ВАЗ 2110 с двигателем твин турбо (VAZ 2110 with twin turbo engine) , ваз 21099-314л.с. с 50 - ой секунды жесть, (ваз 21099-314л.с. с 50 - ой секунды жесть), Восьмёрка под ламборджини заделана (Eight embedded under Lamborghini), Драговые Пацаномобили (Drahovo Patsanomobili), Египтянка на тюнинг шоу 2013 (An Egyptian woman on tuning show 2013), Замер Ваз 2108 1.4 turbo - 520 л.с. (Measuring Vaz 2108 1.4 turbo - 520 hp), Замер мощности+NOS (312л.с.) (Measurement of Power + NOS (312l.s.)), Мотоцикл с двигателем от ваз 2108 ,(Motorcycle with an engine from the VAZ 2108), Намедни - 84. ВАЗ 2108 (The other day - 84. VAZ 2108), Пацанский Тюнинг Лада 21099 Девять Девять, (Patsansky Tuning Lada 21099 Nine Nine), Рекорд Украины турбо FWD VAZ 2108 turbo 11 543 (Record of Ukraine turbo FWD VAZ 2108 turbo 11543), Ресивер 2108 без резки рамки (Receiver 2108 without cutting frame), Строим кроссовый ВАЗ 2108, (Building a cross-VAZ 2108), Турбо ваз 300 сил (Vases turbo 300 hp) Тюнинг ВАЗ 2108 Ноль восемь (Tuning VAZ 2108 Zero eight), Тюнинг ВАЗ 2108 (Tuning VAZ 2108) Тюнинг машин (Tuning machines), Усовершенствование ближнего света в ВАЗ 2103-06 (The improvement in beam VAZ 2103-06) Tavriya turbo. Таврия Турбо Tavriya turbo. Таврия турбо[1] Ваз 2106 турбо 340 лошадей, Ваз 2106 турбо 340 сил Ваз 2106 турбо Диностенд 340л.с, Ваз 2106 турбо Диностенд Настройка турбо-таврии, Таврия турбо Power Motor Garage турбо, корч, таврия, бпан, слз, замер мощность 0-200 ВАЗ разгон BMW M3 VS VAZ 2108 turbo, Lada Kalina 1.6 turbo (0-180) Lada Kalina 1.6 turbo 200, Lada Kalina 1.6 turbo vs Porshe carrera4S Lada Kalina turbo vs Octavia 320hp, Lada Priora 0-170kmh NEW !!! Lada 2115 turbo Diesel 0-100 power, VAZ 2108 turbo 0-100 5.4sec, 14 mile 13.4sec VAZ 2108 turbo 0-200 kmh, VAZ 21106 turbo 330 hp vs porsche 911 carrera vaz2108turbo, Ваз 21014 (400 л.с.) турбо

Audi 80 Quattro 1.8 Turbo
3:35 without music :) simple vid about training and fun with our Audi 80 Quattro B3 with 1.8 turbo engine, hydraulic handbrake, omp dished steering wheel and electric cutout valve with side exit. handmade engine mounts and downpipe...

Audi RS2 widebody by JTmedia
World´s finest widebody Audi RS2 short film by JTmedia.

Youngtimer dubbeltest - Mercedes 190 vs Audi 80
Gaat het tijdens de barbecue een keer niet over bijtelling, dan komt de term duurzaamheid wel ter sprake. Dat heeft iets met het milieu te maken. Wel, wij hebben hier twee types uit een goed milieu, gebouwd voor een lang leven: een Audi 80 en een Mercedes-Benz 190. Daar kun je in dit millennium ook nog best goed mee uit de voeten.

Ploeger 4-row self-propelled potato harvester AR-4W
Movie of the Ploeger 4-row self-propelled potato harvester AR-4W. This machine is known for its flexibility and can easily be adjusted for the harvesting of for example seed onions, carrots, chicory and flower bulbs.

Guncar - Audi 80 quattro
Auto: Audi 80 quattro 2.2L 10zaworów +LPG :D ok. 110 KM Kierowca: Michał "Guncar" Gańczarczyk For Fun Rally Team

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1984 Audi 80 quattro: 9.170 @ 154.000
Andreas Martinsson, Engine: 3b, Turbos: pt 76/75 billet Tires: m/t 24,5

1990 Audi Quattro Coupe Quattro: 9.342 @ 153.710
Aaron C, Engine: 20v 2.0L Integrated Engineering stroker 4cyl, Turbos: Borg Warner S400sx 67mm Billet divided T4 1.25 A/R Tires: 4 X M&H Racemaster 8.5/24.5-15 Drag Slicks

1990 Audi Quattro Coupe: 9.552 @ 150.900
Aaron C, Engine: 20v 2.0L Integrated Engineering stroker 4cyl, Turbos: Borg Warner S400sx 67mm Billet divided T4 1.25 A/R Tires: 4 X M&H Racemaster 8.5/24.5-15 Drag Slicks

1986 Audi Quattro SportQuattro: 9.630 @ 147.940
slobodan Kostic, Engine: 2.2l 20v 5cyl, Turbos: 1 Tires: 225 45 hoosier drag radial

1990 Audi Quattro CQ: 10.054 @ 138.690
Aaron, Engine: 1.8T 20v 06A INA Engineering shortblock, Turbos: Bullseye S366XL Divided inlet T4 1.00 A/R Tires: M&H Racemaster 24.5 x 8.5 / 15 Drag Slicks all fou

1990 Audi Quattro 20V: 15.550 @ 89.300
Tsivas Kourtsounis, Engine: 2.3L 20V, Tires: 205/55 Yokohama AVS Sports


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