1986 Ford EXP racing a Dodge Dart GTS 340

My 86 EXP racing A 1968 Dodge Dart GTS with a cammed 340, aftermarket intake, headers, open Exhaust and drag radials. I am running 13 PSI in this video. I ran .2 seconds slower than the Dart at 6 mph faster in the 1/8th.

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1968 Dodge Dart GTS a Nice Dodge muscle car
1968 Dodge Dart GTS with 383 cubic inch engine-300 hp. 4 barrel carburetor This Dodge Dart GTS was absolutely one of the best at the car show. In 1968 the 383 4 barrel was a option Around 8745 GTS's were made for the year,1968. The base price for the 1968 Dodge Dart was around $3,100. Here is a list of engine's you could choose from the factory. 1. base 318 v-8 2. 383-300 hp 3. 340-275 hp TRANSMISSION OPTIONS 1.Torqueflite automatic 2. Hurst four speed on the floor 3. 3 speed column shift manual

88 Ford Exp @ Kanawha Valley Dragway

1988 Ford EXP Walk-Around
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1985 Ford EXP Turbo Exhaust
1985 Ford EXP turbo original IHI turbocharger 8 PSI 1.6L CVH 2.25" Exhaust two 14" glasspacks one mid as a resonator one as a muffler