Ariel Atom Up Close - Adding Lightness

Autoshepherd Films gets an exclusive look at the most outrageous production car to hit the streets, the notorious Ariel Atom! Sector 111 gives our viewers the privilege of seeing this engineering masterpiece in greater detail than ever seen before. Check out our blog for more videos, news and contests:

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TMI Autotech Walk Through and Ariel Atom Production
Take a tour of the TMI AutoTech Inc. facility and check out our manufacturing capabilities as we show you what goes into building an Ariel Atom.

Ariel Atom replica (part 1)
Ariel Atom replica homemade build from audi 80 cupe, engine 1800 cc (gasoline)

Ariel Atom suspension

Ariel Atom 3
This exoskeleton-designed vehicle is street legal and track ready with an exposed chassis and groundbreaking technology that makes for incredible performance on the road or in a race. VELOCITY: TECH TOYS 360: SUBSCRIBE TO TECH TOY'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: LIKE TECH TOYS ON FACEBOOK: LIKE VELOCITY ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW TECH TOYS ON TWITTER: ARIEL ATOM: