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2001 mitsubishi galant timing belt installation
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Mirage Fix 4 | Steering, Alternator, Timing Belt & Water Pump 4G15
Steering belt 0:29, Timing belt 1:57, Alternator belt 3:49, Water Pump 6:35 Support DarkDragonWing by bookmarking these links and start shopping: eBay Amazon ------------------------------ This a red 1999 MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1.5L 4-cyl Engine Code 4G15 AUTO FWD. I'm fixing it up from the bottom hoping to make it look good and in a good condition. ------------------------------ 97-02 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5L Timing Belt + Tensioner Kit eBay 97-02 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5L Water Pump eBay 97-02 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5L AC Belt eBay 97-02 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5L Alternator Belt eBay 26 Gallon Oil-Free 1.8 HP 150 PSI Vertical Air Compressor eBay 1/2" x 50' 300 PSI Red Rubber Air Hose eBay Amazon STEEL QUICK I/M 1/4 COUPLER PLUG SET STARTER KIT AIR TOOL eBay Amazon 1/2" x 260" PTFE Thread Seal Tape eBay Amazin 600ft/lb Impact Gun eBay Amazon OEM MITSUBISHI DOOR SCREW WITH CAP ------------------------------ 1. Change power steering belt เปลี่ยนสายพานพวงมาลัย 2. Change alternator belt เปลี่ยนสายพานเครื่องปั่นไ ฟ 3. Change timing belt เปลี่ยนสายพานเครื่อง 4. Change water pump เปลี่ยนปั้มน้ำ Show foot per pounds ft.lbs. subishi.html At 5:59 I marked the timing belt and the pulleys. Then I take the timing belt off. At 8:41 I matched the new timing belt to the old timing belt and marked the new timing accordingly. Finally, I put the new timing belt on by matching the marks on the pulleys. ------------------------------ Mods on this car: - $71 JVC KD-R540 Stereo System ------------------------------ DKDGWi Facebook Page: DKDGWi Store: DKDGWi Thingiverse: Mackey Facebook Page: Mackey Twitter: ------------------------------ Video By: Krissana Mingkwan Mackey - กฤษณะ มิ่งขวัญ แม็กกี้ Thaweesak Mingkwan Manny - ทวีศักดิ์ มิ่งขวัญ แมนนี่

Mitsubishi Timing Belt How-To Video (very detailed) // Evolution 8 - EVO8 - EVO9
This is how to change a timing belt and timing belt components on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8. (USDM) ******** Edit for clarification on tension amount:***** You want the tensioner pulley adjusted to where the grenade pin is loose in the auto tensioner. In the video, When i did the tensioner pulley adjustment you can see the grenade pin rotate so you know it is loose and free to remove. A loose grenade pin provides maximum travel from the tensioner and is what you want. OEM Timing Tensioner Pulley - MD369999 Gates Timing Belt - T167 Gates Idler Pulley - T42017 Gates Timing Belt Tensioner - T43130 Gates Water Pump - 42577 * Gates Balance Belt - T168 * Gates Balance Pulley - T41038 1:15 - Timing Components 3:05 - Timing Marks 4:16 - Removal 7:45 - Rear Balance Shaft 9:00 - Install Water Pump install video: Boosted Films- Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Boostedfilms

Mitsubishi Galant, Endeavor, Eclipse 3.8 Liter Timing Belt Part 1
This is just to make it convenient for those who don't want to watch the full video. The engine is the 6G75 3.8 Liter Mitsubishi engine for the Galant, Endeavor, and Eclipse, along with some others.