1979 Pontiac Lemans with a pontiac 400

'79 Lemans with a pontiac 400 XE274H comp cam #16 Heads Headers to 2 1/2 x pipe with flowmaster. Its ugly, loud, and I like it.

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Pro touring Pontiac 400 with Sandoval Performance Stage 4 cam
Pro-Touring 400 on test stand for Craig C. in Nebraska. Engine comes with ported Edelbrock D-port heads, ported Endurashine Performer RPM intake maniflod, Sandoval Performance Stage 4 hydraulic roller cam, Sean Murphy Induction's Stage 3 750 cfm double pumper and Ready-to-Run distributor.

1967 Tempest new camshaft Ultra Dyne 220/226 @ .050 in Pontiac 400
Traded my friend Robert for this camshaft. Came already broken in with a matched set of lifters. I swapped it out over the last month or so. I still have to install the temp gauge in the car, so I am not running it that long yet. Put around 2 miles on it. PULLS!!!! Hard!!! I have to find the coil bind on the springs. might have just increased redline!!!

1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 Startup & Rev
This is what my 1968 Pontiac Firebird sounded like not long after I bought it, back in October 2011. It was still overly rich at this point and it was in desperate need of tuning but it ran and would rev up to around 4,000RPM without much fuss. The engine's a 400ci (6.6-litre) Pontiac V8 which had been fitted with a Barry Grant Race Demon 750cfm carb, Edelbrock alloy heads, a Comp Cams XR276HR cam, Keith Black pistons, H-Beam rods, an electronic dizzy, Doug's headers and more. Yes, the tail lights are missing - I was repainting and rewiring them at the time. Check out my channel for other videos of this car.

pontiac 400 with super 44's
new Exhaust- pontiac 400, lunati cam 477 lift/ 218-220 duration/108 lobe sep. 2.5 in Exhaust with super 44 flowmasters .