BMW S1000rr GEN 1 TaylorMade Racing Exhaust Fitment

For the Gen2 installation video, click here: Taylor Made Racing Full Exhaust Fitment Video. GENERATION 1

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Turbo BMW S1000RR testing
turbocharged BMW S1000RR running a Haltech Platinum Series Sport 2000 ECU. Stock longblock - 8psi - 275whp on Dyno Dynamics.

Geoff's 2014 BMW S1000RR with Taylor Made exhaust
Geoff had a Taylor Made Exhaust and other parts installed on his bike and he LOVES it! If you enjoyed viewing this video, please 'like' and subscribe :-)

Taylormade Exhaust installed
Taylormade Exhaust installation somewhat. Test ride. Did not go full out on the test ride. Taylormade Exhaust web site -

BMW S1000RR exhaust shooting flames
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